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Elizabeth Seaman

Campus: UMD | Building: School of Public Health | Room: Suite 1224
Phone: 301-405-1000 |
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Elizabeth is a fifth year PhD student in the Behavioral and Community Health department. Prior to becoming a terrapin, Elizabeth earned a bachelors degree in Psychology from Georgetown University in 2012 and a Masters of Health Science in Mental Health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in 2013. Elizabeth works with Dr. Craig S. Fryer on understanding youth and young adult smoking behaviors as a member of the YADIRA Lab. Elizabeth's research interests include young adult substance use, mental health, prehospital emergency care and health disparities. Elizabeth is currently a Cancer Research Training Award (CRTA) Fellow at the National Cancer Institute in the Tobacco Control Research Branch.

Selected Publications
  • Montgomery, L., Robinson, C., & Seaman, E.L. (2017). A Meta-Analysis and Scoping Review of Psychosocial and Pharmacological Treatments for Cannabis and Tobacco Use among African Americans. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 31(8), 922-942. doi: 10.1037/adb0000326.
  • Joseph, A.M., Rothman, A.J., Almirall, D., Begnaud, A., Chiles, C., Cinciripini, P.M., Fu, S.S., Graham, A.L., Lindgren, B.R., Melzer, A.C., Ostroff, J.S., Seaman, E.L., Taylor, K.L.,Toll, B.A., Zeliadt, S.B., Vock, D.M. (2017). Lung Cancer Screening and Smoking Cessation Clinical Trials: SCALE Collaboration. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, doi: 10.1164/rccm.201705-0909CI.
  • Fryer, C.S., Seaman, E.L., Clark, R.S., & Plano Clark, V.L. (2017) Mixed methods research in tobacco control with youth and young adults: A methodological review of current strategies. PLoS ONE 12(8): e0183471, doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0183471.
  • Robinson, C., Seaman, E.L., Montgomery, L., & Winfrey, A. (2017). A Review of Hip Hop-Based Interventions for Mental Health, Health Literacy, and Health Behaviors. Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, doi: 10.1007/s40615-017-0389-2.
  • Seaman, E. L., Levy, M.J., Jenkins, J.L., Chiras Godar, C., & Seaman, K. G. (2014). Assessing substance use from prehospital care reports. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine, 29(4), 1-6, doi:10.1017/S1049023X1400079X.
  • Katzer, R., Barton, D. J., Adleman, S., Clark, S., Seaman, E. L., & Hudson, K. B. (2012). Impact of implementing an EMR on physical exam documentation by ambulance personnel. Applied Clinical Informatics, 25(3), 301-308. doi: 10.4338/ACI-2012-03-RA-0008