Jacob Bueno de Mesquita
Campus: UMD | Building: School of Public Health


Hailing from Kingston, RI, Jacob completed his undergraduate degree in Human Science with a Certificate in Global Health at Georgetown University. Upon graduating he joined CDC as a Public Health Associate, fulfilling a two-year field assignment embedded at the Union County Health Department in central Ohio. There, as a field assignee in the Emergency Preparedness and Immunization Programs, Jacob contributed to strengthening community resilience in response to biological hazards, and improving reach of evidence-based immunization and clinical public health services. His research interests include infectious disease prevention and wellness promotion through built environment design strategies. Jacob hopes to continue to serve local public health initiatives on a global scale by focusing on applied, translatable research projects. For two years Jacob has been an instructor of global health for the College Park Global Public Health Scholars Program (instructor of record for 6 courses, TA for 1, curriculum developer, and director of living-learning community programming; instructed and mentored 250 students). He is currently a research assistant with the DARPA-funded CATCH (Characterizing and Tracking College Health) study (previously Prometheus), working on identifying contagious biomarkers and risk of airborne transmission for influenza and other respiratory infections in a dormitory population. His dissertation aims to estimate airborne transmission risk for influenza and other respiatory infections. 


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