Kaley Beins

Campus: UMD | Building: School of Public Health

Faculty Advisor: 

A Maryland native, Kaley earned her B.S. in Environmental Biology from Georgetown University. As an undergraduate she completed field and lab-based ecology research both in the United States and abroad. After graduating from Georgetown, Kaley completed a Fulbright Fellowship in Panama where she studied community response to herbicide pollution as well as the international effects of U.S. chemical regulation. Over the course of the MPH program, Kaley has focused on occupational health and community engagement in a U.S. context, as well as on Latin American-focused interventions, including work with the Pan American Health Organization on vector control and insecticide resistance. Kaley is currently a Graduate Assistant and lecturer for the UMD College Park Scholars Global Public Health program. Her Master’s thesis centers on the environmental etiology of a rare subset of autoimmune disorders.  


Recent Presentations:

New methodology to determine potential environmental triggers for ANCA-associated vasculitides

Using in-country guides to develop culturally competent nutrition interventions: A case study in Compone, Peru

A Risk Assessment of Mercury Levels in Maryland Seafood Species and the Human Health Effects Associated with Their Consumption 

Fun Facts

In her free time Kaley reviews productions at local theatres ranging from community theatres to the Kennedy Center. Her reviews can be found here