Lesliam Quiros-Alcala
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I joined the Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health at the University of Maryland, School of Public Health in 2014 after completing my postdoctoral work at the Center for Environmental Research and Children’s Health at the University of California at Berkeley. I also hold a joint appointment in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and I am Affiliate Faculty at the Maryland Population Research Center at the University of Maryland.

My research focuses on characterizing environmental exposures to endocrine disrupting agents and examining their potential health effects on highly vulnerable, low-income and minority populations underrepresented and understudied in public health research, including occupational populations, women, and children. To this end, I have examined determinants of exposure and health outcomes associated with chemicals in personal care products, cleaning agents, pesticides, and flame retardants. My research also seeks to use qualitative research methods to design and implement culturally-appropriate interventions to reduce environmental health disparities among Latino, African American, and other minority populations.

I have experience working in children’s environmental health research, occupational health, science communication, working with Latino communities, and conducting exposure assessment and epidemiologic research.  I welcome the opportunity to establish new collaborations and to work with talented undergraduates, graduate students and post-docs. For more information, please contact me.

Profile on the Maryland Population Research Center (MPRC) website.

Education and Training

Ph.D., Environmental Health Sciences, University of California, Berkeley, CA (2010)

MSc., Safety Engineering & Industrial Hygiene, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX (2001)

BSc., Biomedical Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX (2000)


MIEH 780 Occupational Hygiene

MIEH 480 Introduction to Occupational Health

Honors and Awards

2014: AAAS Science and Technology Fellowship Finalist
2012-15: NIEHS Research Supplement to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research
2012-2013: Environmental Health News Science Communication Fellowship
2011: UC San Francisco Reach the Decision Makers Science Policy Fellow
2009: International Society of Exposure Science Student Poster Competition, 2nd Place
2009, 2007: Preston Scholarship for research that impacts environmental and children’s health, UC Berkeley
2008: American Public Health Association Environment Section Student Poster Award, 1st Place
2008, 2007: William Griffiths School of Public Health Alumni Scholarship, UC Berkeley
2007: Institute for Mexico and the United States Dissertation Research Fellow, UC Berkeley
2007: School of Public Health Grossman Alumni Scholarship, UC Berkeley
2005-2008: Environmental Protection Agency Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Doctoral Fellowship
2005: Center for Occupational and Environmental Health Student Award (occupational health research project in Nicaragua), UC Berkeley
2005: Dr. Robert T. Legge Award for academic excellence in the field of Industrial\Hygiene     
2003-2005: UC Berkeley Opportunity Award (Pre-doctoral Fellowship)
2002: Brookhaven National Laboratory Spotlight Award for developing an innovative workplace injury and illness prevention program


University of California at Berkeley Center for Environmental Reseach and Children's Health (CERCH)

The John Hopkins Center for the Study of Childhood Asthma in the Urban Environment

Children's Environmental Health Network

Center for Assisting Families (Centro de Apoyo Familiar)




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