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Patricia Barros

Assistant Clinical Professor, Family Science

Dr. Patricia Barros is the Clinic Director of the Center for Healthy Families. She has provided clinical services at school, home-based and community health clinics with a variety of populations. She sees the importance of self-of- the-therapist work as part of providing culturally-sensitive services. She is particularly interested in life transitions and how multiple systems can facilitate the growth of culturally minority families and individuals throughout the life-span.


SPH | Room 0142V

(301) 405-4017


Areas of Interest

Family Resilience; Life Transitions; Self-of-the-Therapist

PhD, Marriage and Family Therapy, 2015

Kansas State University

MS, Marriage and Family Therapy, 2012

Kansas State University

MS, Psychology, 2010

Kansas State University

Post-Bach, Clinic Psychology, 2008

Faculdade de Ciencias Humanas de Olinda (Brazil)

BS, Psychology, 2005

Universidade Catolica de Pernambuco (Brazil)

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