Patricia Barros, Assistant Clinical Professor
Assistant Clinical Professor, Family Science
Director, Center for Healthy Families
Building: School of Public Health | Room: 0142
Phone: 301 405 4017 |
CV / Resume
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Dr. Patricia Barros is an Assistant Clinical Professor in Family Science and Director of the Center for Healthy Families. Prior to coming to the University of Maryland in 2016, she was a postdoctoral clinical fellow at George Washington University. She is an AAMFT Approved Supervisor. She received her B.S. in Psychology from Universidade Catolica de Pernambuco, in Brazil; she earned an M.S. in Psychology, a Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy, from Kansas State University.  She has worked in multiple settings, including school, home-based, and community health clinics, with a variety of populations and presenting problems. She sees the importance of self-of- the-therapist work as part of providing culturally sensitive services. Her research interests are around factors related to intimate partner violence, as well as on individual and family resiliency. She is particularly interested on life transitions, and how multiple systems can facilitate the growth of culturally minority families and individuals, throughout the life-span.

Education and Training
B.S. Universidade Catolica de Pernambuco, Psychology, 2005
M.S. Kansas State University, Psychology, 2010
M.S. Kansas State University, Marriage and Family Therapy, 2012
Ph.D. Kansas State Uniersity, Marriage and Family Therapy, 2015
  • FMSC 640 - Family Therapy: Theory and Technique
  • FMSC 653 - Advanced Application of Marriage and Family Therapy Models and Techniques
  • FMSC 654 -  Clinical Marriage and Family Therapy Practice
  • FMSC 658 - Supervised Clinical Practice of Marriage and Family Therapy
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