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Rodman Turpin

Assistant Research Professor, Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Rodman Turpin, PhD, is an epidemiologist and analyst focused on HIV prevention among racial and sexual minority populations, particularly how racial and sexual stigma, depression, anxiety, substance use and other social and structural factors affect HIV risk and prevention. He is an HIV prevention trials network postdoctoral scholar and UMD-PRC core research scientist. Additionally, his methodological interests include latent class analysis, latent profile analysis and structural equation modeling.

Areas of Interest

HIV/STIs; Mental Health; Intersectionality; Substance Use; Latent Variable Modeling; Syndemic Theory

BS, Clinical Laboratory Science, 2008

Howard University

MS, Health Education, 2012

Howard University

Ph.D., Epidemiology, 2018

University of Maryland at College Park

Postdoctoral Fellowship, HIV Prevention Trials Network, 2020


EPIB300 Biostatistics in Public Health Practice

EPIB610 Foundations of Epidemiology

SPHL602 Foundations of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

EPIB612 Epidemiologic Study Design

HIV Prevention Trials Network Fellowship, 2020

Gold Research Award, University of Maryland, 2018

Dean’s Research Fellowship, University of Maryland, 2017

Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award, University of Maryland, 2016

Flagship Fellowship, University of Maryland, 2014

Mentor of the Year, Charles Flowers High School, 2013

Teacher of the Year, Howard University Hospital, 2012

Capstone Scholarship, Howard University, 2008

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