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Roger Rubin

Roger Rubin

Associate Professor Emeritus, Family Science

Roger Rubin's research focuses areas are family policies, contemporary family forms, mental health issues and African American family life. 



PhD, Child Development and Family Relationships, 1970

The Pennsylvania State University


FMSC260 Couple Relationships

FMSC381 Poverty, Affluence, and Families

FMSC430 Gender Issues in Families

FMSC432 Intergenerational Aspects of Family Living

FMSC600 Family Theories

FMSC630 Theory and Research in Human Sexuality

Outstanding Teacher in Health and Human Performance, 1996

Certificate of Teaching Excellence, 1996

Returning Students Recognition Award, 1995

Panhellenic Teaching Award, 1992

Awarded six national service certificates from NCFR, AAMFT, and/or the Groves Conference

Meritorious Service Award, National Council on Family Relations

Fellow, National Council on Family Relations

Academy Member and Lifetime Membership Award, Groves Conference on Marriage and Family

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