Tim Tilert

Tim Tilert

Campus: UMD | Building: School of Public Health

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Tim earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and is now a fourth-year doctoral student in the Department of Behavioral and Community Health. His professional and research interests include global health, health informatics, respiratory health, and infectious diseases. In addition to his student status, Tim currently works full time as a computer scientist at the National Center for Health Statistics where he serves as the Examination Team Leader in the Informatics Branch of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). Tim recently first-authored a manuscript estimating the prevalence of COPD in the US using both pre- and post-bronchodilator spirometry which was published in Respiratory Research. He also recently was first author on a manuscript estimating the receipt of smoking cessation advice from physicians among those with COPD which is currently under journal review. 

Selected Publications

Tilert, T., & Chen, J. (2014). Smoking Cessation Advice from Physicians to Patients with COPD. Submitted for Publication - Under Journal Review.

Paulose-Ram, R., Tilert, T., Dillon, C., & Brody, D. (2014). Cigarette smoking among US Adults Aged 40-79 with Lung Obstruction, NCHS Data Brief. Under Internal Review.

Doney, B., Hnizdo, E., Dillon, C., Paulose-Ram, R., Tilert, T., Wolz, M., Beeckman-Wagner, L. (2014). Prevalence of COPD in older adults: NHANES data 1988-1994 and 2007-2010. Recently accepted by the Journal of COPD.

Tilert, T., Dillon, C., Paulose-Ram, R., Hnizdo, E., & Doney, B. (2013). Estimating the US prevalence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease using pre-and post-bronchodilator spirometry: the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2007–2010. Respiratory Research, 14(1), 103.

Terry, A., Paulose-Ram, R., Tilert, T., Johnson, C., Zhang, X., Lee, P., & Saaddine, J. (2010). The Methodology of Visual Field Testing with Frequency Doubling Technology in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2005-2006. Ophthalmic Epidemiology, 17(6), 411-421. doi:10.3109/09286586.2010.528575

Ostchega, Y., Carroll, M., Prineas, R., McDowell, M., Louis, T., & Tilert, T. (2009). Trends of elevated blood pressure among children and adolescents: Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 1988-2006. American Journal Of Hypertension, 22(1), 59-67.

Troiano, R., Berrigan, D., Dodd, K., Masse, L., Tilert, T., & McDowell, M. (2008). Physical Activity in the United States Measured by Accelerometer. Medicine & Science In Sports & Exercise, 40(1), 181-188. doi:10.1249/mss.0b013e31815a51b3

Fun Facts

When not working or studying, I enjoy playing adult kickball, golfing, and traveling. I'm currently planning a multi-country trip to Asia in the spring and really looking forward to it!