Principal Investigator(s): Arria, Amelia
Sponsor: Treatment Research Institute (via Betty Ford Institute)

This project will evaluate the Betty Ford Childrens Programs, assessing children and their caregivers in the three locations where the Childrens Program is currently operational (Dallas, TX, Denver, CO, and Rancho Mirage, CA). Children and their caregivers will be assessed using a web-based survey tool to measure changes in personal, social, and family functioning from baseline to up to a year after discharge from the program. This two-year evaluation has three specific research aims:
Document the degree to which changes occur in youth participants following exposure to the Childrens Program in the following child-related domains: a) knowledge regarding their parents addiction; b) the parent-child relationship; and, c) academic and social functioning
Understand the variation in individual response to the program based on baseline child mental health status, history of trauma and severity of parents addiction
Describe changes in parent and family functioning using standardized assessment instruments following parental involvement in the program