Principal Investigator(s): Arria, Amelia
Sponsor: Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

The Collaborative was founded to help Maryland colleges address the problem of excessive drinking and its consequences in their communities. Colleges and universities participating in the Collaborative are provided with technical assistance in identifying and implementing evidence-based interventions on their campus at multiple levels, including both individual-level and environment-level interventions. Member institutions participate in a coordinated statewide measurement system in order to both measure alcohol use and alcohol-related harms in a standardized fashion and evaluate the impact of evidence-based interventions. The projects long-term goals are as follows:
Reduce the current level of excessive alcohol use and alcohol-related harm on college campuses (28 colleges, 16 community colleges) in the state of Maryland
Mobilize and sustain the commitment of campus and community leaders to reducing excessive alcohol use and alcohol-related harm on all of the states college campuses