In 2014, The Center for Health Equity joined Boston College, the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW), the University of Minnesota and the University of North Texas in leading a new research mentor and mentee training initiative funded by the NIH National Research Mentor Network (NRMN).   The M-CHE is collaborating specifically with UW as part of the Mentor Training Core (MTC), one of five Cores in the NRMN initiative.  Dr. Thomas serves as a co-core director with Drs. Chris Pfund and Janet Branchaw, both of UW.  Dr. Quinn is a co-investigator on the MTC. 

The Mentor Training Core (MTC) serves as a national hub to prepare mentors and mentees in biomedical research through training, both in-person and online. The MTC establishes and maintains standards and metrics to achieve effective, culturally responsive mentoring relationships.

The mentoring program entails a collaborative learning relationship that proceeds through purposeful stages over time and has the primary goal of helping mentees acquire the essential competencies needed to progress to the next stage of their career in the biomedical or behavioral sciences.

What the NMRN Mentor Training Core Will Do:

• Provide career-stage appropriate training for mentors and mentees

• Foster the persistence and success of a diverse group of biomedical researchers, with a specific focus on deepening the alignment and impact of mentoring relationships

• Employ evidence-based activities to facilitate trusting mentoring relationships that support under-represented minority scholars as they navigate their trajectory toward promotion and tenure

Select Resources Available To NRMN Mentees:

  • NRMNet: a web portal resource for online mentoring, networking, professional development, and mentor-mentee matching
  • Regional programs on grant writing
  • Professional opportunities throughout your career path including training to help you be more proactive and effective mentee
  • Mentor/mentee matching based on career level, research interests, and cultural background
  • Trained mentors
  • Video resources featuring topics of professional development, mentoring, training and careers, research seminars and words of wisdom from successful scientists