The School of Public Health provides some financial assistance for graduate students including:

Sally J. Phillips Dissertation Fellowship Award: 

This award, up to $10,000 is given to a Kinesiology doctoral student who is in the final phases of completing a high quality dissertation in preparation for a career in academia. The award is made possible through the generosity of Dr. Sally J. Phillips who served as a professor in the department.  She recognized the importance of financial support in the final year of doctoral work, the contributions of teaching assistants and the need to provide assistance for the next generation of scholars and academics in the field of kinesiology.   Students must have a minimum of 3.5 GPA; minimum number of incomplete grades in coursework; strength of advisor’s letter of support; merit of the approved dissertation research proposal; feasibility/probability of completing research in a timely manner; record of departmental citizenship; preference to candidates who have an accepted dissertation proposal prior to May 1 of the application year; preference to those who have served the department as teaching assistants. Students can contact Ms. Polly Schurer for more information.

Gebhardt-Phillips Kinesiology Graduate Student Fund:  

This award (average $1K to $5K) will provide supplemental financial support for committee-selected Kinesiology doctoral students in the general areas of direct financial support for assistantships, scholarships, fellowships or for research support including equipment, labor, subjects and scholarly travel.  Priorities are:

  • Phillips dissertation Fellowship/awards
  • Summer scholarships
  • Equipment, subject costs or student labor needed for dissertation data collection
  • Doctoral student travel (including Henson Memorial Travel Fund)
  • Other initiatives to support doctoral students
  • Initiatives for Master’s student support in the same general areas
  • Outstanding undergraduate kinesiology honors students and their projects

Resiliency Scholarship Fund

The School of Public Health’s Resiliency Scholarship Fund was established to help currently enrolled students avoid an interruption in their college studies due to an unforeseen emergency. This fund will help the school respond to immediate financial situations that directly impact the student's ability to attend and function in classes. Students considering emergency financial aid should understand that these programs offer limited help, and are not intended to be a secondary form of college funding.


This scholarship cannot be used for:

  • Electronics, such as computers, phones, tablets or other personal devices  
  • UMD Parking permits or tickets
  • Loss of clothing or household items do to fire or theft
  • Visit the UMD Student Crisis Fund page to learn more about additional crisis funding to help in these situations.

Additional Information:

  • Applicant must be a current School of Public Health major.  Priority is given to students with SPH as a primary major.
  • Applicants must have completed at least one semester at the University of Maryland in the School of Public Health.
  • Applicants must have at least one semester left as a student at the University of Maryland in the School of Public Health.
  • Students applying for emergency aid will also be required to provide adequate documentation of the crisis leading to their need for funds.
  • Must demonstrate need and present a copy of current UMD bill/student account balance

Whitlark Fellowship Award: 

This fellowship supports selected international research activities by doctoral students in the Department of Kinesiology.  This award is made possible through the generosity of anonymous donors who saw the need for funding in this area.  Students can contact Ms. Polly Schurer for more information and to apply prior to the event and/or need.