The Master of Public Health in Behavioral and Community Health consists of 42 credit hours of graduate work including 3 elective credit hours (for students who elect to complete a MPH project) and a 6 to 9-credit-hour capstone experience that includes an internship and MPH project or thesis. The program can be completed on either a full or part-time basis with classes offered in the late afternoon and evening. All requirements must be met and the degree awarded within five years following the date of entrance into the program. There is a recommended sequence for completing the MPH program that considers prerequisites and course scheduling.

For comprehensive information regarding the MPH Program, please see the MPH Program Guidelines.

Here is a list of the courses required to earn a Masters of Public Health in Behavioral and Community Health.


MPH Required Courses (42 Credit Hours)

HLSA 601 Introduction to Health Systems
HLTH 606 Foundations of Public Health Education & Policy
EPIB 650 Biostatistics I
HLTH 665 Health Behavior I
HLTH 671
Public Health Communication
HLTH 672 Public Health Informatics
HLTH 710 Methods and Techniques of Research
EPIB 610 Foundations of Epidemiology
HLTH 780 Community Health
MIEH 600 Foundations of Environmental Health
HLTH 774 Community Health Program Planning (pre-req HLTH 710)
HLTH 776 Community Health Program Evaluation (pre-req HLTH 774)
HLTH 785 Internship
Project Option

MPH Project (HLTH 786)


Thesis Option


HLTH 799

* Elective must be public health related, and no course taken prior to enrollment in the MPH program can be used as an elective.

Completing MPH Program Requirements

The Master of Public Health in Behavioral and Community Health consists of 42 credit hours of graduate work including:

  1. Eleven (11) required graduate public health-related courses (33 credit hours)
  2. One 3-credit public health-related, advisor approved elective for students who chose the MPH Project option
  3. A 6-9 nine credit-hour capstone experience comprised of
    • MPH Internship (3 credits)
    • MPH project (3 credits) - or – Thesis (6 credits)

Unless granted a waiver or substitution in writing from the Department, it is expected the student will complete all required courses.