MS, Couple & Family Therapy

The M.S. in Couple and Family Therapy (CFT) provides students with the coursework and supervised clinical training typically required in states with Marriage and Family Therapy licensure. The program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT).

The Couple and Family Therapy M.S. program requires 48 credits for the non-thesis option and 51 credits for the thesis option. Completion of the program, which includes the 2-year internship, generally requires 2 to 2 1/2 years.

The mission of the CFT Master's program is to prepare competent, effective therapists for clinical practice and advancement of the marriage and family therapy discipline. The program seeks to train professionals who demonstrate superior therapeutic skills, ethical integrity, intellectual curiosity, and a sincere commitment to working with families from diverse populations.

Application to the program is made through the University of Maryland Graduate School website,  The Department of Family Science admits students in the fall semester only. The deadline for submitting the Graduate School Application and the Couple and Family Therapy Application Form is January 17 (January 6 for international students and citizens living abroad). Students are strongly encouraged to apply before the deadline date. See also



*Minimum length of time is the shortest time possible that a student could complete the program (i.e., a student doubled up on coursework one semester and was able to graduate early). Advertised length of time is how long the program is designed to complete as written. Maximum length of time is the maximum allowable time in which a student could finish the program (i.e., if a student needed to take time off due to illness, family responsibilities, etc.).

**Program are only required to provide data on the past 10 years/cohort or since the program was initial accredited, whichever is shorter

***This is defined as the percentage of graduates from the cohort year listed that are employed within 3 years of their graduation utilizing skills learned in the COAMFTE accredited program. Masters and Doctoral programs are required to provide this information.  Post-Degree programs are encouraged to share this with the public.

**** Master programs are required to provide this information.  Doctoral and Post-Degree programs are encouraged to share this with the public. For Master’s programs only, COAMFTE has established a benchmark of 70% pass rate for each cohort.