Tasneem Islam
This student profile is one of several originally published by the Universities at Shady Grove. You can r ead this and more stories , told by the students themselves, on their Student Stories page . I am a first-generation college student in the Achieving Collegiate Excellence and Success (ACES)...Read more
Headshot of Sophie Dean
Sophie Dean is an undergraduate student majoring in Public Health Science and English. She joined the major in Fall 2015, and in April 2016 was awarded the 2016 Library Award for Undergraduate Research . Her paper “The Detrimental Effects of Dietary Supplements” was written in the context of her...Read more
Felicia Davenport
Felicia Davenport earned her Bachelor of Science degree in the University of Maryland Public Health Science degree program at Shady Grove. Ms. Davenport persevered through financial and family challenges to earn her degree and was selected as the commencement speaker for the School of Public Health...Read more
The daughter of Egyptian refugees, Victoria Yedlin always felt a particular compassion for the international community. That’s why she leapt at the chance to travel to India as part of her studies in Behavioral and Community Health. In Northern India, Victoria shadowed a gynecologist and learned...Read more
Picture of Christina in her graduation robe with Testudo
Christina Memmott was among the first group of graduates from the College Park Public Health Science program. Since graduating in December 2016, she has been hired as a paid intern for Population Services International. There she will be working on HIV prevention, maternal health, family planning...Read more