Finding preventative approaches that can impact every area of life.

The daughter of Egyptian refugees, Victoria Yedlin always felt a particular compassion for the international community.

That’s why she leapt at the chance to travel to India as part of her studies in Behavioral and Community Health.

In Northern India, Victoria shadowed a gynecologist and learned about the unique health needs of populations steeped in tradition and not fully accepting of Western health practices.

“It was probably the best learning experience and most rewarding experience I had because I could actually see what I was learning in real life,” she says.

The trip inspired Victoria to pursue research and studies in maternal and child health, and what she found was shocking, she says.

Many pregnant women in developing countries experience harmful, and sometimes fatal, complications because they can not afford simple medical procedures, Victoria says, which is why preventative health measures can be critically important for both mother and child.

Victoria currently works for the nonprofit management company Bostrom Corporation, and assists the American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists in planning conferences and developing continuing education credits. She hopes to continue to pursue her passion for maternal and child health and is considering a career in midwifery.

Published April 4, 2014