Ways to Get Involved

School of Public Health Alumni & Friends: Ways to Get Involved

  1. Be a Mentor

    • The SPH Alumni Association welcomes you to apply for the brand new Student and Alumni Mentor Program, meant to enrich the professional lives of student mentees and alumni mentors! 

    • Learn more and apply here. Limited to 20 students and 20 alumni.

  2. Host an Intern for a Day

    • Host an SPH student at your place of business.  Allow them to shadow you for the day.

    • Time commitment: 1 day (4 times a year)

    • Contact: Alesha Garvin at agarvin@umd.edu

  3. Join the Leadership of the SPH Alumni Association

    • We are actively seeking alumni in the DC/VA/MD area as well as NYC, NC, Chicago and California to take on leadership roles to help us expand the SPH/health arena.  We hope to plan quarterly events, APHA receptions and other opportunities to strengthen our efforts.

    • Time Commitment: Monthly teleconference; quarterly events; 8 hours per month

    • Contact: Alesha Garvin at agarvin@umd.edu

  4. Explore and Help the Fearless Campaign Board of Visitors Committee

    • Our $14M goal will help our students, faculty and staff; we need your expertise, your contacts and your energy.

    • Time commitment: varies/4-8 hours per month

    • Contact: Jennifer Schwartz at jschwar2@umd.edu

  5. Host Our Football Suite

  • ​Each year, the Dean and Assistant Dean host 20 alumni, faculty and potential donors in our football suite.  Availability varies.
  • Time commitment:  8 hours during game day; at least 10 hours before game contacting donors/sending invitations
  • Contact: Jennifer Schwartz at jschwar2@umd.edu
  1. Lunch or Dinner with the Dean  

  • Similar to the football suite, you could host a dinner/lunch with the Dean and Assistant Dean.  Invite your friends and local alumni to join us. 
  • Time commitment: 4 hours during day of event; at least 10 hours before event contacting donors/sending invitations

Contact: Jennifer Schwartz at jschwar2@umd.edu

  1. Lead Annual Speed Mentor Networking Day Alumni Committee

    • Hosted at the SPH campus Career Center and the SPH Development/Alumni Office.  This event helps students network by providing 5 minute rounds with key alumni.

    • Time commitment: 2 hours per month with assistant planning staff/4 hours during day of event

    • Contact: Alesha Garvin at agarvin@umd.edu

  2. Participate in Graduation Alumni Cheering Section

    • A newly created group, some students may not have family members or others during the event.  You and other Alumni can congratulate and provide hope and inspiration during the ceremony and after graduation at the reception.

    • Time commitment: Day of graduation/5 hours

    • Contact: Jennifer Schwartz at jschwar2@umd.edu

  3. Commit to Being an SPH Alumni “Ambassador”

    • This role is for the time-crunched, flexible alumni.  You want to volunteer but only have time sporadically and are limited.  We will contact you as needed on a monthly basis to share available opportunities.

    • Time commitment:  varies depending on your schedule

    • Contact: Alesha Garvin at agarvin@umd.edu

  4. Support the SPH Giving Tree Student Fund

    • The School of Public Health's Giving Tree provides a lasting and visible way to honor an SPH graduate, a mentor, or a loved one. This fund provides scholarship and fellowship monies for School of Public Health students.

    • You may personalize a leaf, an acorn or a stone with an engraved message, which will appear on the Giving Tree displayed prominently in the School of Public Health building lobby.

    • Please visit givingtree.sph.umd.edu to design your leaf, acorn or stone.

  5. Visit our giving website at any time and support the fund of your choice!