In order for current UMD students to declare public health science as their major, they must complete a two step process. The first step is to attend a Change of Major Workshop. Public Health Science offers change of major workshops throughout the year. Registration for the workshops opens one month before they are scheduled to take place. However, they tend to fill quickly so to maximize your chance of securing a seat in one of the workshops listed below, we recommend that you check the appointment system exactly 30 days before the date of the workshop that you want to attend. Except otherwise noted, all workshops are held in the PHSC suite, SPH 2387.

Please Note:

  • Students cannot be oversubscribed to a workshop. 
  • Public Health Science advisors do not have control over the rosters for the workshops, so it is up to each student to register on their own. 
  • In the case that you can no longer attend a workshop you have registered for, we ask you to please cancel your reservation so that another student can register for that seat. 

Change of Major Workshops

Spring 2019

Date Time
February 14th 10:00 AM
February 19th 2:00 PM
February 28th 10:00 AM
March 7th  10:00 AM
March 12th 2:00 PM
March 29th 10:00 AM
April 1st  2:00 PM
April 11th 10:00 AM
April 15th 2:00 PM
April 25th 10:00 AM
April 29th 1:00 PM