Neuromechanics Research Core Members
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0110C, 0102 SPH Building
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The UMD Neuromechanics Research Core studies neural and mechanical mechanisms of human movements in general. The current research focus includes locomotion in persons with lower extremity amputations and footwear, hand and multi-digit actions of people with neurological disorders, and sensory processing mechanisms. The Core is equipped for biomechanical and physiological testing and analysis for human movements such as 11 Kistler force platforms, 23 Vicon motion capture cameras, electromyography sensors, movement speed sensors, electromagnetic sensors, a Biodex dynamometer, portable and stationary metabolic units, miniature 6-D force/torque sensors, etc. in over 7,000 sq ft space. 

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Dec 16, 2018 Dissertation Defense Dion Cunningham, a doctoral student in School of Music co-advised and co-chaired by Dr. Shim, had a successful dissertation defense and became "Dr. Cunningham". Congrats!! 
April, 2018 Grant Drs. Shim, Miller, and Kwon with the help of our graduate students, Mia and Sara, receive grant funding from Korea Institue of Machinery and Materials (KIMM). The purpose of this proposed R&D effort is to investigate human-human interactions (IPMS) through motor tasks involving multiple co-working humans and apply the knowledge to physical human-robot collaboration (PHRC) control mechanisms. 
March 30, 2018 Presentation

Dr. Diane Damiano from National Institue of Health (NIH) presents at NRC Research Seminar. 

Title: Innovative Neurorehabilitation Approaches to Improve Gait in Children with Cerebral Palsy

2018, March New Member Dr. Serap Bastepe-Gray, MD, MM, OTR/L, CPAM joins NRC faculty. Her expertise comprises pain and playing related musculoskeletal and neurological upper extremity disorders that affect musical performers.
2018, Feb New Visiting Professor Dr. Moon Seok Park joins NRC as Visiting Clinical Professor from Seoul National University Bundang Hospital. Dr. Park is an orthopedic surgeon with expertise in cerebral palsy.  Image result for 박문석 교수
2017, Oct Grant Dr. Shim receives a research grant from Samsung Electronics.  Image result for samsung
2017Sept New Students

Jenna Burnett ,Mia Caminita, and Gina Garcia join the lab as graduate students!

2017, Sept

Liz Bell receives Edwin & Kathryn Arbogast Award from AOPA!

Edwin and Kathryn Arbogast Award was awarded for the best prosthetic abstract to her work entitled:
“A Mixed-Methods Examination of Limitations to Physical Activity as Reported by Individuals with Lower Extremity Amputations”

2016, Dec Keynote

Dr. Shim has a keynote lecture at International Conference of Korean Society of Sport Biomechanics. Pusan, Korea. 

2016, Nov Grant

Dr. Shim receives a 3-year grant from National Research Foundation of Korea 

Title: Systematic investigation into hand functions for the development of evidence-based hand rehabilitation for stroke patients 

2016, Oct Grant

Dr. Klossner (UMD Associate Athletic Director, Sports Performance) along with Dr. Shim, and Dr. Miller receive a grant from NCAA 

Title: NCAA Soccer Periodization Study

2016, May Thesis Defense Congratulations to Ed Chu for successfully defending his Master's Thesis!
2016, Feb Grant

Drs. Miller and Shim receive a grant from Maryland Industrial Partnerships Program

Title: Biomechanical Evaluation of Milestone Pod

2016, May Travel Award Liz Bell recieves a Student Travel Award from the American Society of Biomechanics to present her work at the 2016 annual meeting in Raleigh, NC.  Congratulations Liz!
2015, September New Student Jessica Hunter joins the lab as a PhD student.
2015, September New Student Rana Krimpour joins the lab as a PhD student. Image result for rana karimpour umd
2015, August Job  Dr. Jaebum Park, Assistant Professor at Montana State University and a former graduate student from Neuromechanics Research Core, has accepted an Assistant Professor Position at Seoul National University, the #1 ranked college in Korea.  Congratulations Dr. Park! 박재범사진
2015, August New Grant Dr. Miller is awarded a new grant from the Department of Defense (The Henry M. Jackson Foundation) to support his work entitled "Evaluation of knee joint loading in Service Members with unilateral lower extremity trauma"
2015, July ISB Promising Young Scientist Award Dr. Miller becomes the winner of the 2015 International Society of Biomechanics Promising Young Scientist Award. He presents his work at the annual meeting in Glasgow, Scotland

2015, June New Grant Drs. Miller and Shim, in collaboration wth Dr. Klossner of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, are awarded a  Tier I Seed Grant for the project entitled "The Elite Athlete as a Model for the Impact of Mechanical Loading on Human Knee Joint Health"
2015, May Invited Speech Dr. Shim is invited to present at the Korean Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance in Seoul, Korea.
2015, April Travel Award Becky Krupenevich recieves a Student Travel Award from the American Society of Biomechanics to present her work at the 2015 annual meeting in Columbus, OH.
2015, March Invited Lecture Dr. Shim is invited to present at the International Research Forum on Biomechanics of Running-Specific Prosthesis in Tokyo, Japan.

2015, April Poster Presentation Award Congratulation to Dovin Kiernan for winning the Outstanding Academic Poster Award (First Place)! This award was given in recognition of outstanding presentation of innovative public health research and scholarship by a student at UMD's annual Public Health Research Day.

2015, April Scholarship Award Congratulations to Dovin Kiernan for receiving the Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS-D) from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) for $105,000! The CGS-D is awarded to top-ranked applicants based on academic excellence, research potential, communication skills, and interpersonal and leadership abilities.

2014, October Admission to PT Program Undergraduate, Kevin Levi-Goerlich, is accepted into two Physical Therapy programs and commits to University of Maryland Eastern Shore.
2014, September Tenure Track Position Ph.D. Graduate, Brian Baum, receives a tenure track position at Regis University, School of Physical Therapy.
2014, August New Graduate Student Becky Krupenevich joins the lab as a Ph.D. student.
2014, August New Graduate Student Kelsey Christensen joins the lab as a Masters student.
2013, August Grant The Effects of Post-Exercise Recovery Drinks on Muscular Strength and Endurance
2013, August New graduate student Edward Chu joins the lab as a Master's student
2013, June Return Dr. Shim comes back from a year long sabbatical.
2013, March New graduate student Dovin Kiernan joins the lab as a Master's student.
2013, June National Research Foundation Systematic investigation into hand functions for the development of evidence-based hand rehabilitation for stroke patients
2012, August Grant Translation of kinesiology in preventive medicine II. $300,000
2012, July Grant

Dr. Shim receives an NIH grant.

A new biomechanical model to examine joint control adaptations during running in individuals with lower extremity amputations. R03 Award.

2012, May Graduation Graduation: Drs. Sohit Karol, Brian Baum, and Junfeng Huang
2011, August MIPS Award Translation of kinesiology in preventive medicine I. $514,100
April 16
Lab Outing NML members had a great time in Bethesda
April 15
Wylie Dissertation Fellowship Sohit Karol, NML PhD student, received a prestigious Wylie Dissertation Fellowship from the University Graduate School. Sohit studies interactions of sensory feedbacks in motor performance
April 15
Wylie Dissertation Fellowship Brian Baum, NML PhD student, received a prestigious Wylie Dissertation Fellowship from the University Graduate School. Brian studies biomechanics of amputee running
2010, December Equipment Purchase Grant NML receives $90K from the three sources of UMD: UMD Division Research, School of Public Health, and Department of Kinesiology for multiple forceplates and portable gas analyzer purchase.
2010, December MIPS Award For the collaborative research with Under Armour, NML (Dr. Sraswat and Dr. Shim) received Maryland Industrial Partnerships Award. Total research budget is $689K.
2010, November Lab Outing Neuromechanics Lab had dinner at Garam Korean Restaurant
2010, November Dr. Jaebum Park returns for a talk Dr. Jaebum Park, 2009 PhD graduate from Neuromechanics Lab, returns for a talk on his recent publication: Optimality vs. Variability
2010, June 28th AAPI Convention Dr. Shim attended American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) Convention in Washington, DC (pic with Majority Leader of US Congress, Mr. Hoyer, and President of Recovery Science, Mr. Shah)
2010, May 26th Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference Neuromechanics Lab group went to Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference. Dr. Shim chaired Neuromechanics & Rehab Session. Brian, Sohit, and Jaebum had presentations.
2010, April Distinguished Teaching Assistant Sohit Karol, PhD student, was selected as a 2009-1010 Distinguished Teaching Assistant from KNES Department.

2010, April Graduate Student Summer Research Fellowship Brain Baum, PhD student, was awarded a Graduate Student Summer Research Fellowship from UMD Graduate School ($5K).
2010, Feb Snow Storm The University and the Lab were closed more than a week because of snow storms.
2010, Feb MIPS Award NML received Maryland Industrial Partnerships Award ($300K).
2010, Feb Dr. Yoon Leaves Dr. Bumchul Yoon, left after a year of Visiting Professorship at NML
2010, Jan Dr. Shim's Talk at KAIST Dr. Shim had a seminar on CNS control over multi-effector systems in humans at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
2009, Jan Kyung Hee International Scholar Dr. Shim received Kyung Hee International Scholar Award with his appointment at College of Engineering, Kyung Hee Univeristy
2009, Jan Dr. Shim's Week-long Seminar Dr. Shim had a week-long seminar at Kyung Hee University, Korea, Dr. Shim's undergradaute school
2009, Dec Experiments at Korea University (KU) Drs. Shim and Kim traveled to Korea for a series of invasive experiments at Korea University in collaboration with KU Physical Therapy and Medical Center
2009, Dec Dr. Jaebum Park Mr. Jaebum Park became Dr. Jaebum Park. Dr. Park is the first PhD from Neuromechanics Lab. He is current a Postdoc at Penn State.
2009, Dec Jeffrey Hsu Jeff Hsu received his Master's degree
2009, Nov MOU with Korea University (KU) Neuromechanics Lab arranged Memorandum of Understanding between UMD School of Public Health and KU College of Health Science
2009, Sept Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Award Jaebum, NML PhD student, received Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Award from the UMD Graduate School ($10K)
2009. Aug ASB Young Scientist Award Dr. Shim received ASB's Young Scientist Award at 2009 ASB Meeting at Penn State.
2009. July ISB Promising Young Scientist Award Dr. Shim received ISB's Promising Young Scientist Award at 2009 ISB Congress in Cape Town.
2009, July 2009 ISB Congress We participated in 2009 ISB Congress in Cape Town, South Africa.
2009, Sept DOD Award NML received Department of Defense Research Award ($200K).
2009, Feb MIPS Award NML received Maryland Industrial Partnerships Award ($2M).
2009, May Lab photos We took pictures of current NML members.
2009, May Lab visit Two retired soldiers with leg amputations visited NML and had a talk on their experiences at Dr. Shim's Biomechanics class.
2009, May


Jacob Goldharber Travel Award
Jeff, NML Masters student, received Jacob K. Goldharber Travel Award from UMD to attend Progress in Motor Control Meeting in France ($1K).
2009, March Dr. Jongkook Song's visit Dr. Song from Kyung Hee University visited NML.
2008, Nov Mr. Brian Frasure's visit Brian, the Paralympian with multiple gold, silver, and bronze medals visited NML for our amputee locomotion research.
2008, Sep Dr. Woosub Kim visit Dr. Kim visited NML and we went to our collaborator, Water Reed Army Medical Center for a tour.
2008, Sep Sohit Karol, Alex Hooke, James Lieu graduate Masters students, Sohit, Alex, and James graduated from NML.
2008, Aug F. Daniel Wagner Memorial Award for Outstanding Physical Activity Teaching Assistant Alex, NML Masters student, received F. Daniel Wagner Memorial Award for Outstanding Physical Activity Teaching Assistant from Kinesiology Department
2008, Aug Drs. Changsoo Yang and Beeoh Lim visit Drs. Yang and Lim from Korea visited NML and had a couple of beer.
2008, Aug Yonghyun Park from Seoul National University visit Younghyun, an exchange student from Seoul National University visited NML. We had a party at Dr. Shim's.
2008, Aug 2007 Progress in Motor Control We participated in 2007 ISMC meeting in Santos, Brazil.
2008, July Dr. Shim's Keynote at ISBS Dr. Shim delivered an invited lecture at ISBS, Korea. The picture was taken with a Taekwondo demonstration team from Kyung Hee University, Dr. Shim's UG school.
2008, June Graduate Summer Student Research Fellowship Jaebum, NML PhD student, received Graduate Summer Student Research Fellowship from UMD Graduate School ($5K)
2008, March Visiting Professor, Dr. Chulsoon Choi Dr. Kim from Kwangwoon University joined NML as a Visiting Professor for a year.
2008, May GRIP Award Sohit, NML Masters student, received Graduate Research Initiative Project Award from UMD Kinesiology ($2.5K)
2008, Feb MIPS Award NML received Maryland Industrial Partnerships Award ($300K: Phase II).
2008, Feb GRIP Award Alex, NML Masters student, received Graduate Research Initiative Project Award from UMD Kinesiology ($2.5K)
2008, Feb GRIP Award Jeff, NML Masters student, received Graduate Research Initiative Project Award from UMD Kinesiology ($2.5K)
2008, Feb GRIP Award Jaebum, NML PhD student, received Graduate Research Initiative Project Award from UMD Kinesiology ($2.5K)
2008, Jan Postdoctoral Fellowship Dr. You-Sin Kim, postdoc at NML, received a Tae-Do Academic & Cultural Foundation Fellowship ($17K)
2007, July 2007 ISB Congress We participated in 2007 ISB Congress in Taipei, Taiwan. The picture has Dr. Shim's Masters and PhD advisors, Dr. Kwon and Dr. Zatsiorsky.
2007, June Howard Hughes Medical Institute Travel Award Jeff Hsu, NML UG research assistant, received Howard Hughes Medical Institute Conference Travel Award ($1K)
2007, March 2007 NEASB Conference NML organized the first Northeast American Society of Biomechanics (NEASB) Conference UMD.
2007, March ISB Travel Award Sohit, NML Masters student, received International Society of Biomechanics Travel Award ($1K) for his travel to World Congress of Biomechanics in Munich, Germany.
2007, March ISB Travel Award Jaebum, NML PhD student, received International Society of Biomechanics Travel Award ($1K) for his travel to World Congress of Biomechanics in Munich, Germany.
2007, March Visiting Professor, Dr. Chang Kook Kim Dr. Chang Kook Kim from Korea University joined NML as a Visiting Professor for a year.
2007, March Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Research Fellowship Jeff Hsu, NML UG research assistant, received Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Research Fellowship ($2.7K)
2007, March ASB Conference Organization Award NML received a local conference organization grants from ASB and industry ($10K).
2007, Feb MIPS Award NML received Maryland Industrial Partnerships Award ($300K).
2006, July 2006 WCB We participated in 2006 World Congress of Biomechanics in Munich, Germany. The picture was taken at the Munich Science Museum.
2006, June CK's Lab Visit NML members visited Dr. Christopher Knight's Lab at University of Delaware.
2006, May Senior Summer Scholars Award Jeff Hsu, NML UG research assistant, received Senior Summer Scholars Award from UMD
2006, April UMD Undergraduate Researcher of the Year Award Jeff Hsu, NML UG research assistant, received Undergraduate Researcher of the Year Award from UMD
2006, July KRF Award NML received Korea Research Foundation Award ($100K).
2006, July DHS Award NML received Department of Homeland Security Award ($915K).
2006, June GRB Award Dr. Shim received General Research Board (GRB) Research Award from University of Maryland ($9K)
2006, May Jacob Goldharber Travel Award Jaebum, NML PhD student, received Jacob K. Goldharber Travel Award from UMD to attend World Congress of Biomechanics in Munich, Germany ($1K).
2005, Sept Clark Fellowship Junfeng, NML PhD student, received Clark Fellowship from Department of Kinesiology for two years of financial support during his PhD study at NML.
2005, Aug 2005 ISB/ASB Meeting We participated in 2005 ISB/ASB joint conference in Cleveland. Picture was taken at the Cleveland Clinic.

Faculty and Staff

Jae Kun Shim, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Deptartment of Kinesiology
Fischell Department of BioE
Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Program (NACS)
Background: Exercise Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Kinesiology

Ross H. Miller, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Department of Kinesiology
Background: Mechanical Engineering, Biomechanics

Tim Kiemel, Ph.D.
Assistant Research Professor

Department of Kinesiology
Background: Mathematics

Hyun Joon Kwon, Ph.D.
Assistant Research Professor

Department of Kinesiology
Background: Mechanical Engineering, Biomechanics

Kurt Collier, CP
Prosthetics Instructor

Department of Kinesiology
Background: Prosthetics

Serap Bastepe-Gray, MD, MM, OTR/L, CPAM
Assistatnt Research Professor

Department of Kinesiology
Background: Medicine, Occupational Health and Injury Prevention, Musician's Health

Visiting Professors

Image result for 박문석 교수
Moon Seok Park, MD, PhD
Visiting Clinical Professor
Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

Post-Doctoral Researchers



Graduate Students

Becky Krupenevich, M.S. 
Ph.D. Student, Kinesiology

Background: Biomechanics, East Carolina University

Edward Chu, M.S.
Ph.D. Student, Kinesiology 

Background: Kinesiology, University of Maryland

Jessica Hunter, M.S. 
Ph.D. Student, Kinesiology

Background: Biomechanics and Injury Prevention, Barry University

Rana Karimpour, M.S.
Ph.D. Student, Kinesiology 

Background:Sports Sciences and Biomedical Engineering, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

Shakiba Rafiee
Ph.D. Student, NACS

Background: Neuroscience and Cognitive Science,University of Maryland

Dion Cunningham, M.M., M.M Ed
D.M.A Student, Piano Performance

Background: Biology, Performance Music Education, Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University


Jenna Burnett
Ph.D. Student, Kinesiology

Background: Physics and Math, Purdue University; Kinesiology, Iowa State Univeristy

Mia Caminita
Ph.D. Student, Kinesiology

Background: Industrial and Operational Engineering, Movement Science, University of Michigan

Liz Bell, B.S. 
M.S. Student, Kinesiology

Lab Manager 
Background: Mechanical Engineering, University of Denver

Dovin Kiernan, B.S. 
Masters Student, Kinesiology 

Background: Mechanical Engineering, University of Toronto

Sara Honarvar, B.S.
Masters Student, Kinesiology
Background: Biomechanics/Biomedical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran

Gina Garcia, B.A
Masters Student, Kinesiology
Background: Exercise and Sport Science, Neuroscience , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Oren Lagziel,
Masters Student, Kinesiology
Background: Bioengineering, University of Maryland

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Alyssa Ruefenacht
UG Research Assistant
Major: Kinesiology
Chayce Wong
UG Research Assistant
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Rebecca Vaudreuil
UG Research Assistant
Major: BIoengineering
Tim Crane
UG Research Assistant
Major: Kinesiology
Meghan Harrington
UG Research Assistant
Major: Kinesiology
Amanda Poulakowski
UG Research Assistant


GEMSTONE Undergraduate Research Team METR
METR studies Playing-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (PRMD's) 

DSC_0206.jpg GEMS-Headshot-Katie.jpg

Katie Coley
Major: Psychology

Katie Dapkus
Major: Bioengineering

DSC_0169.jpg DSC_0200.jpg

Divya Kapoor
Major: Information Systems and Operations Management

Luke Murphy
Major: Percussion Performance

DSC_0183.jpg IMG_4152.JPG

Laura Patriarca
Major: Public Health

Hannah Rhee
Major: Comuter Science 

DSC_0188.jpg DSC_0156.jpg

Julianna Solomon
Major: Neurobiology and Physiology

Lauren Waugh
Major: Psychology and Dance double major


Abby Widmer
Major: Psychology




Previous Members

Year Name Position During Membership

Current Location

2018 Dr. Yong Woon Kim Visiting Professor Kyungnam University, Korea
2017 Dr. Pedro Figueiredo Research Assistant Professor Portuguese Football Federation
2017 Dr.Kyung Koh Post-Doctoral Reseacher School of Medicine, University of Maryland
2017 Kelsey Christensen Masters Student Berkley
2016 Dr. Sangkyu Choi Visiting Professor Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials
2016 Dr. Yangsun Park Postdoc/Visiting Professor Hanyang University, Korea
2016 Alexander Smith  Undergraduate reseracher College
2016 Kurt Hufker Undergraduate reseracher College
2016 Julie Betta Undergraduate reseracher College
2016 Emily Finkelstein Undergraduate reseracher College
2016 Callie Moran Undergraduate reseracher College
2016 Woojae Koh Undergraduate reseracher Industry
2015 Dr. Minjoo Kim Visiting Graduate Student Kyung He University, Korea
2013 Yong-Seok Cho Visiting Professor Konyang University, Korea
2012 Philip Cruz  Undergraduate reseracher Florida Gulf Coast University
2012 Michelle Muldon Undergraduate researcher UMD
2012 Andrea Tian Undergraduate researcher Washington University School of Medicine
2012 Dr. Arick Auyang Postdoc Nike Inc.
2012 Dr. James Chuo Research Professor Internal Medicine of Wheeling Hospital, Wheeling, West Virginia
2012 Dr. Brian Baum PhD student Regis University, Colorado
2012 Dr. Junfeng Huang PhD student Washington D.C.
2012 Dr. Sohit Karol MA, PhD student Microsoft Windows Research Lab
2011 Kyle Bruin Undergraduate researcher UMD
2011 Colleen Gulik Undergraduate researcher UMD
2010 Dr. Woosub Kim Visiting Professor Korea University Medical Center
2010 Mathew Moon High School Intern UMD
2010 Max Lee High School Intern NJ
2009 Chris Heo High School Intern Brown University
2009 Dr. Jaebum Park PhD student Seoul National University
2009 Dr. Bumchul Yoon Visiting Professor Korea University
2009 Dr. Jeffrey Hsu Master's student Peking Union Medical college Hospital, China
2009 Kim Ziegler Undergraduate researcher Johns Hopkins University
2009 David Bates Undergraduate researcher National Institute of Health
2008 Dr. Chul Soon Choi Visiting Professor Kwangwoon University
2008 Sohit Karol Master's student Neuromechanics Lab PhD student
2008 Alex Hooke Master's student Mayo Clinic
2008 Albert Lee Undergraduate researcher Washington D.C. PT
2007 Dr. Chang Kook Kim Visiting Professor Korea University
2006 Seong-Jin Seonwoo Undergraduate researcher Johns Hopkins University
2005 Patrick Bengero Undergraduate reasearcher University of Maryland
2005 Andrew Chamberlin Undergraduate researcher US Department of Health and Human Services
2005 Tabinda Burney Undergraduate researcher National Institute of Health
2005 Erica Wentz Undergraduate researcher College
2005 Gary Tossaint Undergraduate researcher College
2005 Bemnet Abebe Undergraduate researcher College

Our research is currently focused on:

  1. Locomotion in persons with lower extremity amputations.
  2. Neuromechanics of hand and multi-digit actions as well as their applications to medicine, rehabilitation, and ergonomics.
  3. CNS control mechanisms for motor redundancy, developments of motor functions in typically developing children as well as children with developmental coordination disorder, and developmental changes and intervention & adaptation of motor functions in elderly persons and the persons with neurological/genetic disorders or stroke.
  4. Gait (walking, running, sprinting) and related tasks (e.g. side-cutting) with long term objectives of: a) developing theories that explain and accurately predict the mechanics and energetics of human locomotion, and b) integrating principles from engineering, physiology, and neuroscience for early identification and prevention of locomotor impairments.

Main Themes of Current Projects




Selected Peer-reviewed Articles and Book Chapters


  • Chu E, Kim YS, Hill G, Kim YH, Kim CK, Shim JK. Wrist Resistance Training Improves Motor Control and Strength. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 32(4)
  • Baum BS, Hobara H, Koh K, Kwon HJ, Miller RH, Shim JK. Amputee Locomotion: Joint Moment Adaptations to Running Speed using Running-Specific Prostheses after Unilateral Transtibial Amputation. American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (in press)


  • Krupenevich RL, Miller RH, Hendershot BD, Schnall BL, Pruziner AL. Knee adduction moment peak and impulse do not change during the first six months of walking with a prosthesis. Gait & Posture (in press)
  • Russell Esposito E, Miller RH. Maintenance of muscle strength retains a normal metabolic cost in simulated walking after transtibial limb loss. PLoS ONE 13(1)
  • Allison LK, Kiemel T, Jeka JJ. Sensory-Challenge Balance Exercises Improve Multisensory Reweighting in Fall-Prone Older Adults. Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy 42(2)
  • Anson ER, Gimmon Y, Kiemel T, Jeka JJ, Carey JP. A Tool to Quantify the Functional Impact of Oscillopsia. Frontiers in Neurology 9:142


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  • Kim Y, Koh K, Yoon B, Kim WS, Shin JH, Park HS, Shim JK. Examining impairment of adaptive compensation for stabilizing motor repetitions in stroke survivors. Experimental Brain Research 235(12)
  • Miller RH, Brandon SCE, Scott Selbie W, Deluzio KJ. Commentary on "Modelling knee flexion effects on joint power absorption and adduction moment". Knee 24(5)
  • Miller RH, Krupenevich RL, Pruziner AL, Wolf EJ, Schnall BL. Medial knee joint contact force in the intact limb during walking in recently ambulatory service members with unilateral limb loss: a cross-sectional study. Peer J 5:e2960
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  • Anson ER, Kiemel T, Carey JP, Jeka JJ. Eye Movements Are Correctly Timed During Walking Despite Bilateral Vestibular Hypofunction. Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology 18:4
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Elderly in Activities of Daily Living. Korean Journal of Sports Biomechanics 26:229-236. 


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Neuromechanics Laboratory


Graduate Study in Biomechanics and Motor Control at University of Maryland

in Kinesiology, Bioengineering, or Neuroscience and Cognitive Science (NACS)

The Neuromechanics Research Core at University of Maryland is looking for highly motivated Ph.D. and Masters students interested in studying (1) biomechanics and motor control of hand and finger and (2) biomechanics and physiology of amputee running. The student will be supported by a research assistantship (RA) or a teaching assistantship (TA). Potential candidates are encouraged to send their CV's to Dr. Jae Kun Shim ( as early as possible.


A student will develop a coherent area of expertise in human movement science by designing an academic program that includes introductory and advanced graduate courses in biomechanics, motor control, engineering, neuroscience, cognitive science, etc. A student can apply for a program of her/his background and interest in the Department of Kinesiology (Master's and PhD), Bioengineering Graduate Program (PhD), and Neuroscience and Cognitive Science (PhD).


Applications for admission should be received by January 15th. The following criteria will be considered for admission:

The main considerations for admission are: (a) the course background of the student (courses taken and/or experiences in Physics, Mechanics, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Computer Science, Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, Motor Control, etc.); (b) the student's scores of all three GRE sections, and (c) the student's record of interest and/or academic performance in human movement sciences. LabView and MatLab, as well as experience in biomechanical and neurophysiological measurements and backgrounds in the control of human motion would be advantageous. Students from engineering and biological sciences are encouraged to apply. International students are required to demonstrate proficiency in English (TOEFL).



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