Bradley Boekeloo, Professor
Professor, Behavioral and Community Health
Director, Prevention Research Center
Other Affiliations: UMD Prevention Research Center
Campus: UMD | Building: SPH | Room: 1234E
Phone: (301) 405-8546 |
CV / Resume
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Education and Training

Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University, School of Hygiene and Public Health, Department of Health Policy and Management, Division of Behavioral Sciences and Health Education, Baltimore, MD. Dissertation: "Evaluation of Strategies for Increasing Intern Cholesterol Management Practice in In-Patients", 1988.

Sc.M., The Johns Hopkins University, School of Hygiene and Public Health, Department of Behavioral Sciences and Health Education, Baltimore, MD. Thesis: "Analysis of the Bortner Type A Scale and Type A Behavior in Adol¬escence", 1984.

M.S. candidate, The University of Massachusetts at Amherst, School of Health Sciences, Department of Health Education, 1981-82.

B.A., Kalamazoo College, Department of Biology, Kalamazoo, MI. Thesis: "A Disease Surveillance Study of Giardiasis in Michigan, 1980", 1981.

Visiting student, Universitat Erlangen/Nurnberg, Erlangen, West Germany, 1979-1980.   


HLTH 200: Introduction to Research in Community Health

HLTH 712: Applied Behavioral and Community Health Research Methods

HLTH 781: Research Seminar in Public and Community Health     

Honors and Awards

Career Highlights

  • The Murial R. Sloan Communitarian Award, presented at the Fall 2011 University of Maryland School of Public Health School-wide Faculty meeting.
  • Presidential Commendation, "For unique contribution to the well-being of the American Academy of Health Behavior", March 20, 2011
  • Community-Based-Participatory-Research Best Practices Award, National Community Committee of the CDC Prevention Research Centers Program, April 12, 2011.
  • Community Partnership Engagement Award, National Community Committee of the CDC Prevention Research Centers Program, October 11, 2010.
  • "Metali-Terp" Award (Highlights a poster that incorporates the culture of "Advancing a better state of health" and School of Public Health Spirit), Poster Title: Changing the system to combat HIV disparities: Community stakeholders' perspectives on a proposed technology solution for collaboration. Denise Bellows, Nancy Atkinson, Brian Gilchrist, Suzanne Randolph, Sharon Desmond, Bradley Boekeloo. University of Maryland School of Public Health Research Interaction Day, 2010.
  • Jerry P Wrenn Outstanding Service Award, presented at the Fall 2010 University of Maryland School of Public Health School-wide Faculty meeting.
  • Dean's Faculty Honoree, 3rd Annual University-Wide Celebration of Scholarship and Research, University of Maryland, 2010.
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Brian Gilchrist, received a scholarship for the Mount Sinai International Exchange Program for Minority Students, 2010.
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Denise Bellows, received a Society of Public Health Education travel (SOPHE) scholarship to attend the SOPHE/Prevention Research Center Joint Conference in Atlanta, 2010.
  • Invited to be a member of the National Institutes of Health, College of the Center for Scientific Review, 2010.

Recent Grants

Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, University of Maryland Medical System Corporation, Dimensions Health Services, Prince George's County, Public Health Impact Study of Prince George's County. Co-Investigator.

University of Pennsylvania, African American Collaborative Obesity Research Network, Counter Marketing Through Social Media and Social Connections. Co-Investigator.

National Institute of General Medical Sciences, "Climbing Up, Reaching Back:" Ladder of Support for Research Careers in Biomedical and Behavioral Science. Co-Principal Investigator.

National Institute for Child Health and Human Development, "Girls Healthy Dating Relationship Study". Co-Investigator

Infectious Disease and Environmental Health Administration, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, "Evaluation of Project Self". Principal Investigator.

National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention, Centers for Disease Control, "University of Maryland Prevention Research Center". Principal Investigator.

National Institute on Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse, "Peers as Family: Preventing Problem Drinking". Principal Investigator.     


Bellows DM, Howard DE, Boekeloo BO, Randolph SM.  HIV prevention organizations' expertise serving HIV-vulnerable populations: Investigating community concerns. (In Press)

Aldoory L, Bellows D, Boekeloo B, Randolph S.  Inter-organizational collaboration for HIV prevention across the borderland:  Exploring the utility of relationship management theory for building capacity.  (In Press)

Boekeloo B, Geiger T, Wang M, Ishman N, Quinton, S, Allen, G., and Snow D. Evaluation of a socio-cultural intervention to reduce unprotected sex for HIV among African American/Black women. AIDS and Behavior (2015): 1-11. PMID: 25645327  

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(Invited) Boekeloo BO.  Editorial:  Will you ask?  Will they tell you?  Are you ready to hear and respond? Barriers to Physician-Adolescent Discussion about Sexuality, JAMA Pediatrics, on-line Dec. 30, 2013; E1-E3. PMID: 24378601

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