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While classroom learning is foundational, experiential learning outside the classroom can give students the opportunity to apply knowledge from coursework to solve real world programs and insight into the upstream impact that public health programs can have. These experiences can be extremely valuable to your future success and help clarify career goals. 

There are many ways to get involved in both research and internship opportunities through your degree with the School of Public Health. 

Internships are required for Community Health majors and are encouraged for all undergraduate majors. All Master of Public Health and Master of Health Administration students must complete internships and other graduate programs encourage students to pursue these practical experiences. Consult your specific program requirements to determine how an internship fits in with your academic plan. 

You must be a currently enrolled student to access the internship database for your program. Please contact your advisor or program director if you need permission to access the folders below (via If you do not see the information you are seeking, please contact your department. 

Special Internship Opportunities

The Environmental Justice Summer Scholars Program

The Environmental Justice (EJ) Summer Scholars program is a paid, annual internship sponsored by the Center for Community Engagement, Environmental Justice and Health (CEEJH). The program will select up to 20 undergraduate students enrolled in colleges and universities in the mid-Atlantic region (DC, MD, VA and DE) who are passionate about environmental and climate justice. 

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