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Student Opportunities

When asking successful alumni what educational opportunities they found most valuable from their experience as undergraduate students, they often say it was the connections they made with their peers or professors outside of the traditional classroom setting. Getting involved and building relationships are the best ways to make the most of your college experience!

Featured Events and Programs

SPH Student Involvement Fair

This school-wide event is an opportunity to showcase SPH student groups, academic programs, research centers, and so much more! Start your semester by discovering all of the ways to get involved and get connected! All students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to attend. 

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SPH Alumni Network Student and Alumni Mentor Program

This student and alumni mentorship program enables alumni to share their professional expertise and personal experience with current School of Public Health students.

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STEP Program: Students Transitioning into Effective Professionals

This professional training program is designed to help students gain practical knowledge and develop essential skills to succeed in the "world of work."

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Explore All Student Life Engagement Opportunities Within the School of Public Health