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Departments & Units

Our six academic units are home to degree programs, research and faculty members. In addition, faculty members from all units contribute to our interdisciplinary undergraduate Public Health Science bachelor's program. 

Maryland Day at UMD, kids and students playing parachute games.

Behavioral and Community Health

Behavioral and Community Health studies the cultural and behavioral factors that influence health and develops innovative methods for health promotion and prevention and treatment of disease and injury for diverse populations. 

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Epidemiology and Biostatistics 

Epidemiology and Biostatistics are fundamental to public health science. Epidemiology examines trends, patterns, and causes of disease in populations and works to reduce the burden of disease through research, education and service. Biostatistics provides the statistical reasoning and methods to intrepret public health data and use it to address major problems in public health.

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Family Science 

Family Science advances the concept of family well-being as the foundation for a healthy society. It promotes individual, family and community strategies to improve the public’s health through research, clinical practice, family advocacy and public policy analysis at local, national and international levels.

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Health Policy and Management 

Health Policy and Management works to eliminate disparities in access to health care and improve how care is delivered and managed through evidence-informed public health policy and financing. 

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Kinesiology focuses on the interdisciplinary study of physical activity and its complex role in human health throughout the lifespan.

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Global, Environmental, and Occupational Health

The Department of Global, Environmental, and Occupational Health (formerly the Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health) focuses on the influence of environmental factors on human health and works to protect health and mitigate risk through interventions, technologies, policy changes and community engagement efforts.

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Public Health Science 

The Public Health Science bachelor's degree provides students interested in careers in health professions with interdisciplinary training that is essential to recognizing and addressing public health issues at the state, national and global levels.