Applications for the program become available in June of each year. Maryland residents 50+ are invited to apply and be interviewed to participate as leaders in Legacy Leadership.

Once selected, Legacy Leadership prepares leaders with 64 hours of intensive instruction over 8 weeks during the fall at the University of Maryland College Park campus. Ten interrelated units are offered:

  • History of the State of Maryland
  • Branches of government
  • The legislative process
  • Legislative and senate committees
  • Budgets and finance
  • Public policy
  • County and municipal government
  • Leadership
  • Volunteer skills
  • Professional service leader careers

Sessions are conducted by University of Maryland faculty and invited affiliated faculty from the government such as the President of the Maryland Senate, delegates and senators, secretaries of departments, mayors, county council representatives, legislative aides, and other staff experts. Legacy Leaders receive a manual of readings and study guides to supplement class instruction.

Leaders will be matched prior to the opening of the Maryland legislative session with government and nonprofit sector officials who serve as on-site mentors during the 90 day legislative session from January to early April. Seminars are conducted by Legacy Leadership staff to assist leaders and on-site mentors integrate leadership experiences and plan future Legacy Service Leader careers. Leaders participate in such activities as conducting background research on policy issues, assisting in response to constituent issues, attending legislative sessions, committees and briefings, and collaborating on special projects.

Program Impact

Include here a few testimonials of prior legacy leaders, especially those who now work full time in the house or senate. Really what would be great here is a video about continued impact after the program, “because your 90 days ends, doesn’t mean your service does” something along those lines