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Online Degree Programs

MHA, Health Administration

The Master of Health Administration (MHA-Online) prepares graduates to manage the many complex health-related organizations including hospitals, health care systems, insurance companies, long-term care facilities, managed care organizations, rehabilitation agencies, public health clinics, state agencies, among others. The curriculum also includes an internship and a capstone project that integrates all course learning and experiences.

MPH, Behavioral and Community Health

This program is designed for those currently working in the field of community health or those looking to change into a more meaningful and worthwhile career. Students are able to receive both academic training and hands-on experience in health program planning, implementation and evaluation as well as public policy analysis and management.

MPH, Physical Activity

This program prepares graduates for careers that involve integrating physical activity into public health practice at various levels. The program focus on training professionals who understand the physical and mental health benefits of physical activity and to leverage this knowledge to combat major public health issues facing today’s society. Successful graduates will enter the field of work or service ready to improve the quality of life across populations, address complex interconnected public health issues, and promote population health and wellness locally, nationally, and globally.

MPH, Public Health Practice and Policy

The Master of Public Health (MPH) in Public Health Practice and Policy prepares students for leadership roles in addressing important issues nationally and globally. This blended learning program, designed for working professionals, combines online courses with on-site instruction on the College Park campus. An internship allows students to apply their knowledge and skills in a health-related organization.