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February 1, 2024

How-to Present Your Research: Developing the Focus of your Research Presentation

12 pm - 1 pm (EST)
How-to Present Your Research| Developing the Focus of your Research Presentation

Location: Zoom

To help prepare SPH students to submit abstracts and prepare their poster and lightning round presentations for the SPH Public Health Research & Practice event on April 4, 2024, the Office of Graduate Student Services is hosting a series of How-to Effectively Present your Research & Practice virtual workshops. 

Effectively communicating your research is both exciting and challenging.  You have worked hard, collected interesting data, and next want to share your findings. Yet, sometimes, getting started on that “blank page” is daunting, and keeping to a character or word limit seems impossible. In this workshop, we will emphasize some technical writing “best practices” that will help you develop your focus and strategically convey your ideas.


Dr. Debra Weinstein, Proposal Development Specialist