SPH Alumni Network Welcomes 2020-2021 Board
July 13, 2020

The School of Public Health is pleased to announce the members of the 2020-2021 Alumni Network Board.

With members spanning the spectrum of young professionals early their careers to experienced industry leaders, the board is comprised greater Washington area alumni who are seeking to uphold the network’s mission to promote and support the school, encourage academic and professional excellence and facilitate career development for both current students and graduates while fostering and strengthening a lasting relationship between the school and its alumni.

Meet the new 2020-2021 Alumni Network Board:

Alyssa Todaro Brooks Ph.D. ’15 (Behavioral and Community Health)

Scientific Program Specialist at National Institutes of Health
Adjunct Professor, School of Public Health Department of Family Science and Public Health Science

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Vice President
Jameson Roth ’17 (Family Science)

Digital Content Specialist at the Association for American Medical Colleges

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Anagha Sridhara '15, MPH '17 (Community Health)


Strategic Communications and Public Engagement Fellow at the Office of the Surgeon General


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Dena Gregory Fisher ‘97(Kinesiology), MPH

Health Communication Manager at CommunicateHealth Inc.

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Members at Large

Isaac Aziramubera ’11 (Community Health)
Director of Operations at MedStar Health

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Francine Baker ’17 (Public Health Science), MS
Public Health Scientist

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Jennifer Clerie ’16 (Community Health)
Data Manager at the Emmes Company, LLC

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Christopher Silayan DeVore ’14 (Community Health), MPH
Legislative Assistant at the US House of Representatives

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Jennifer Fink ’14 (Community Health)
Founder and CEO of PatientHQ

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Nicole Gormley ’14 (Community Health)
Senior Grants and Finance Administrator at Children’s National Hospital

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Matthew Guidry Ph.D. ’75 (Recreation)

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Chandria Jones Ph.D. ’14 (Behavioral and Community Health)
Project Manager at Westat

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Arina Kadam MPH '15 (Community Health)
Program Coordinator at Fogarty International Center

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Rohini Nambiar '19 (Public Health Science)
Coordinator for the President’s Office at the National Organization for Women

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Aparna J. Pooleri '19 (Public Health Science)
Business Analyst and Technical Writer at Kreative Technologies LLC

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Ex-Officio Board Members

Amanda T. Hemmer MHA '15 (Health Policy and Management)
Senior Health Care Consultant at Guidehouse

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M. DeLois (Dee) Strum '74 (Family Studies and Community Development), MS

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