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CEEJH Announces 2023 Environmental Justice Scholars, Climate Justice Fellows

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Group of people stand in front of a brick wall outside the School of Public Health.
Members of the Community Engagement, Environmental Justice and Health (CEEJH) center join the 2023 Environmental Justice (EJ) Summer Scholars and Climate Justice Fellows outside the School of Public Health building.

The Community Engagement, Environmental Justice and Health (CEEJH) center is proud to welcome its 2023 Environmental Justice (EJ) Summer Scholars and Climate Justice Fellows.

Launched in 2022 with support from Meta, the Environmental Justice (EJ) Summer Scholars program is a paid, 10-week internship sponsored by CEEJH for undergraduate students at colleges and universities in the mid-Atlantic region (DC, MD, VA and DE) who are passionate about environmental and climate justice. Students study with Professor Sacoby Wilson and School of Public Health graduate students, focusing on air quality, water safety and other environmental health concerns while gaining skills in research and community engagement. They also develop mentor-mentee relationships and build their professional networks. 

The Climate Justice Fellows program is a 22-week training and implementation program to educate fellows on the essential tenets of environmental justice and climate justice. Fellows participate in a series of lectures and workshops while developing skills to empower their communities. They also gain foundational knowledge on local environmental and climate justice challenges, become community stakeholders, engage in meaningful interactions with technical experts and network with community leaders, faculty mentors and federal partners.

  • Khadija Ahmed, Northwestern University
  • Kingsly Mante Angua, Hood College 
  • David Aponte, University of Virginia
  • Genevi Babati, Hood College 
  • Mikaela Blackwood, University of Maryland Eastern Shore 
  • Kenadi Burnett, Stony Brook University
  • Kyle Bryant, University of Maryland
  • Wasilat Dosunmu, University of Maryland
  • Taraji Ellington, American University 
  • Julia Ethan, University of Maryland
  • Angela Gutierrez, John Hopkins University
  • Tamysha Harris, University of Maryland
  • Amal Hussain, University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • Saja Mahdi, University of Maryland
  • Michael Miller, University of South Carolina 
  • Anike Mosaku, Temple University
  • Carter Pete, University of Richmond
  • Jaida Rhea, Goucher College
  • Anshuman Sarkar, University of Maryland
  • Ella Schmit, University of Maryland
  • Donovin Smith, University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • Abha Shrestha, University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • Troy Wynne, University of Maryland
  • Sara Yen, Northwestern University
  • Payton Albers
  • Richard Coaxum, Constellation Energy Generation 
  • Myra Cobb-Davis, Montgomery County Green Bank
  • William Ellis, Pepco/Exelon
  • Cynthia (Cindy) Herrera, Rockwood Leadership Institute 
  • Azania Heyward-James, The Cornerstone Collective 2020 & Damê Consultants 
  • Asia Jackson
  • Nicole Jackson
  • Julie Jimenez
  • Zaki Lewis, Brown Grove Preservation Group (Ashland, VA)
  • Aminah Oladapo, Moco Green New Deal & co creation community academy
  • Kirsten Purnell, Johns Hopkins University
  • Laura Schmidt, Socially Responsible Agriculture Project, Sussex Health & Environmental Network, Sentinels of Eastern Shore Health
  • Brittney Smith, Trinity Washington University 
  • Crystal Soo
  • Stephanie Willett, Women's Earth Alliance, AMMD Pine Grove Project  
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