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Distinguished Terrapin Award

As the highest honor from the School of Public Health, the Distinguished Terrapin Award recognizes outstanding professional achievement, service to the school, cultivation of a culture of philanthropy and/or advancement of the Dean’s strategic priorities. 

Awardees have the opportunity to engage with the School of Public Health community through speaking engagements and mentoring opportunities. 

Up to four awardees are selected each year, one per category of volunteer, alumnus/na, community partner, and former faculty or staff member. Though a person may win only once, nominations will carry over into the next year so long as nominees remain eligible.

Self-nominations are welcome, and self-nominees are encouraged to provide supporting materials.

Nominations are reviewed by the School of Public Health’s Distinguished Terrapin Award Selection Committee, comprised of the Dean, Assistant Dean for Development, two department chairs, a Dean’s council member, and previous winners.

Nomination Criteria

  • Nominees must be a part of the School of Public Health community (e.g. volunteer, alumnus/na, community partner, former faculty or staff member, etc.). They do not have to be an alumnus/a. Current employees are not eligible.
  • Nominees must be distinguished in their profession.
  • Reflects SPH core values.
  • Nominees must be able to attend the School of Public Dean's Recognition Ceremony on April 19, 2024, at the University of Maryland.

Please review the School of Public Health's Strategic Plan for more information about our values and priorities. 

The 2024 nomination window has closed.

2024 Distinguished Terrapin Award Recipients

  • Dr. Jane Clark 
  • Mrs. Dawn Collins
  • Dr. Alice Horowitz, PhD '92
  • Dr. Robin Mockenhaupt, PhD '99

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2023 Distinguished Terrapin Award Recipients

  • Dr. Olivia Carter-Pokras
  • Mr. Cory Easton '85 
  • Mrs. Gloria Friedgen, MA '73
  • Dr. Joseph L. Wright

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2022 Distinguished Terrapin Award Recipients

  • Dr. Alyssa T. Krumlauf, Ph.D. ’15
  • Professor Emeritus Robert S. Gold (founding dean of the School of Public Health)
  • Mr. Diego Uriburu
  • Mr. Edward Woods IV 

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2021 Distinguished Terrapin Award Recipients

  • Elaine A. Anderson, Professor Emerita of Family Science - University of Maryland School of Public Health
  • Samuel "Sam" Pizzigati, Associate Fellow, Institute for Policy Studies
  • Ching-Tzone Tien, Ph.D., Retired Deputy Program Manager - Maryland Department of Environmental Wastewater Permits Program
  • Veda E. Ward, Ph.D. '84, Professor of Recreation and Tourism Management - California State University, Northridge

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2020 Distinguished Terrapin Award Recipients

  • Professor Emerita Bonnie Braun
  • Research Professor Emerita Pamela Clark
  • Dr. Deborah Gebhardt, Ph.D., '79
  • CAPT Paul "PJ" Jung '91

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2019 Distinguished Terrapin Award Recipients

  • Dr. Barbara Alving
  • Dr. Richard Eberst, Ph.D. '77
  • Mr. Jeffrey Rivest '75
  • Col. Jimmie L. Slade

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