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James Hagberg

Professor, Kinesiology

Dr. James Hagberg has had a long and productive research career related to exercise and cardiovascular disease risk factors. His current research focuses on circulating adult stem cells that affect endothelial cell and vascular function.


SPH | Room 2134E

(301) 405-2487


Areas of Interest

Core Faculty

Cardiovascular Disease; Stem Cells; Diabetes; Vascular Function; Obesity


University of Wisconsin


University of Wisconsin


Carthage College

KNES260 Science of Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Health

KNES497 Senior Thesis - Physical Activity and the Obesity and Diabetes Epidemics

KNES711 Grant Writing and Professional Development

University of Maryland Distinguished Scholar Teacher

University System of Maryland Research Award

American College of Sports Medicine Citation Award

University of Maryland Graduate Mentor of the Year

University of Maryland Life Sciences Inventor of the Year

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