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Kendall M. Bustad, DrPH

Kendall M. Bustad

Senior Lecturer, Public Health Science

Dr. Kendall M. Bustad is a Senior Lecturer in the Public Health Science program in the School of Public Health. 

Her teaching and research interests include populations disproportionately affected by the build/physical environment, nutrition, and chronic diseases. Dr. Bustad currently teaches PHSC430, PHSC440, PHSC450, and PHSC497.

Dr. Bustad also champions student organizations that focus on empowering students to embrace causes they are passionate about. Therefore, she serves the university as the faculty advisor for various student organizations on campus, including IGNITE, the Kidney Disease and Awareness Program, The Heart Disease Awareness Association, and Living for the Planet at UMD.


SPH | Room 2373


Areas of Interest

Adjuncts and Affiliates

Health Education; Nutrition; Built-Environment; Vulnerable Populations

Doctor of Public Health: Morgan State University

MS, Technical and Scientific Communication: James Madison University

BS, Human Food, Nutrition, and Exercise: Virginia Tech


  • PHSC430- Public Health in the City: Perspectives on Health in the Urban Environment
  • PHSC440- Public Health Nutrition
  • PHSC450- Addressing Social and Structural Inequities Through Public Health
  • PHSC497- Public Health Science Capstone


  • MIEH300- A Public Health Perspective: Introduction to Environmental Health

O’Keefe, A. M., Bustad, K., Apata, J., Sheikhattari, P., Abrams, N. R., & Mahmud, A. (2019). What differentiates underserved smokers who successfully quit from those who do not. Journal of community health, 44(1), 44-51.

D’Adamo, C. R., McArdle, P. F., Balick, L., Peisach, E., Ferguson, T., Diehl, A., ... & Berman, B. M. (2016). Spice MyPlate: nutrition education focusing upon spices and herbs improved diet quality and attitudes among urban high school students. American Journal of Health Promotion, 30(5), 346-356.