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Kerry Green

Professor, Behavioral and Community Health
Director, BCH Undergraduate Honors Program

As a prevention scientist, Dr. Kerry Green’s work concentrates on improving the health and well-being of disadvantaged populations. Her research focuses on identifying the causes of adverse outcomes over the life course among urban African Americans, including structural factors. Much of this work has been with the Woodlawn Study, a community cohort study that began in 1965 and includes data spanning 55 years of the cohort’s lives with funding over time from NIDA, NIA and NICHD.


SPH | Room: 1234Z

(301) 405-2524

Areas of Interest

Core Faculty

Health Equity; Urban Communities; Mental Health; Prevention Science; Aging

PhD, Public Health, 2004

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

HLTH 410 Honors Seminar

HLTH 711 Advanced Research Methods in Health

UMD SPH Research and Development Award (2020); Honoree, Maryland Research Excellence Celebration, 2020

Winston Family Honors Faculty Award, 2019

BCH 3.5 Club for Teaching Excellence, 2017

Leda Amick Wilson Mentoring Award, Maryland School of Public Health, 2011

Team Science Award, School of Public Health Research Interaction Day, 2011

George F. Kramer Practitioner of the Year Award, University of Maryland School of Public Health, 2019

NIH Loan Repayment Program, 2007-2012

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