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Robin Puett

Robin Puett

Professor and Associate Dean for Research

Dr. Robin Puett is an environmental epidemiologist and  Professor in the Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health with tenure in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Her research and teaching interests are at the intersection of environmental stressors, chronic disease and wellbeing. Her research explores air pollution exposures with chronic disease and examines the potential of integrative health modalities to offset the impacts of psychological and environmental stressors.


SPH | Room: 2234

(301) 405-5610


Areas of Interest

Core Faculty

Integrative (or Mind/Body) Health; Air Pollution Exposures; Environmental Epidemiology; Chronic Disease Epidemiology

Dr. Robin Puett is a Professor in the Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health with tenure in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

Her research and teaching interests are in the areas of environmental exposure assessment and epidemiology, as well as the intersection of mind, body, environment and health. Much of her research has explored the relationship of ambient air pollution exposures with chronic disease (i.e. cardiovascular disease and diabetes) and mortality. Ongoing and future research in this area delves more deeply into the biological pathways involved, susceptible subpopulations and important potential modifiers of these relationships. Dr. Puett has also begun work on the intersection of mind, body, environment and health for stress resilience.


Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University

PhD (Environmental Health Science)

University of South Carolina

PhD (Epidemiology)

University of South Carolina

Postdoctoral Training

Department of Environmental Health, Harvard School of Public Health (Advisor: Francine Laden, ScD)

SPHL291 Does Science Support Nontraditional Healing Practices

MIEH698E Applied Environmental and Spatial Epidemiology Research

MIEH 775 Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology

2022 Mind & Life Summer Research Institute, "Othering, Belonging, Becoming"  

Visiting Researcher, Danish Cancer Society Research Center, 2019

Visiting Researcher, Center for Healthy Minds, University of Wisconsin, 2019

UMD School of Public Health Jerry P Wrenn Outstanding Service Award, 2018

UMD Graduate Faculty Mentor of the Year Nominee, 2017

UMD Advance Leadership Program, 2016

UMD Research and Scholarship Award, 2013

UMD School of Public Health Research and Development Award, 2012

UMD Research Leader, 2012

PubMed link to Publications 

Example Publications:

Puett RC, Poulsen AH, Taj T, Ketzel M, Geels C, Brandt J, Christensen JH, Sørensen M, Roswall N, Hvidtfeldt U, Raaschou-Nielsen O. Relationship of leukaemias with long-term ambient air pollution exposures in the adult Danish population. Br J Cancer. 2020 Sep 17. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 32939055.

Puett RC, Yanosky JD, Mittleman MA, Montresor-López J, Bell RA, Crume TL, Dabelea D, Dolan LM, D'Agostino RB Jr., Marcovina SM, Pihoker C, Reynolds K, Urbina E, Liese AD. (2019). Inflammation and acute traffic-related air pollution exposures among a cohort of youth with type 1 diabetes. Environment International. Aug; 132:105064.

Radke EG, Glenn B, Galizia A, Persad A, Nachman R, Bateson T, Wright JM, Navas-Acien A, Arroyave WD, Puett RC, Harville EW, Pollack AZ, Burns JS, Lynch CD, Sagiv SK, Stein C, Cooper GS. (2019). Development of outcome-specific criteria for study evaluation in systematic reviews of epidemiology studies. Environment International. 130:104884. . Epub 2019 Jul 9.

Puett, RC, Quirós-Alcalá, L, Montresor-López J, Tchangalova N, Dutta A, Payne-Sturges D, Yanosky JD. (2019). Long-term exposure to ambient air pollution and type 2 diabetes in adults. Current Epidemiology Reports. 6:67.

Fisher JA, Puett RC, Laden F, Wellenius GA, Sapkota A, Liao D, Yanosky JD, Carter-Pokras O, He X, Hart JE. (2019). Case-crossover analysis of short-term particulate matter exposures and stroke in the health professionals follow-up study. Environment International. 124:153-60. Epub 2019 Jan 12.

Yanosky JD, Fisher JA, Liao D, Puett RC. (2018). Application and validation of a line-source dispersion model to estimate small scale traffic-related particulate matter concentrations across the conterminous US. Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health. 11:741.

Montresor-López J, Yanosky J, Mittleman M, Sapkota A, Xin H, Hibbert J, Wirth M, Puett R†. (2015). Short-term exposure to ambient ozone and acute stroke risk: a case-crossover analysis. Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology. 26(2):162-6.

Puett RC, Teas J, España-Romero V, Artero EG, Lee DC, Baruth M, Sui X, Montresor-López J, Blair SN. (2014). Physical activity: Does environment make a difference for tension, stress, emotional outlook, and perceptions of health status? Journal of Physical Activity and Health. 11(8):1503-11.

Puett RC, Lamichhane AP, Nichols M, Lawson AB, Standiford D, Liu L, Dabelea D, Liese AD. (2012). Neighborhood context and incidence of type 1 diabetes: the SEARCH for Diabetes in Youth Study. Health & Place. 18(4):911-6.