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Sarah Kuzmiak-Glancy

Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

Dr. Kuzmiak-Glancy is a lifelong athlete who has merged her love of playing sports with her research focus. After studying Exercise Physiology as an undergraduate at Rutgers University, she became captivated by mitochondrial energetics during her PhD at Arizona State University. Dr. Kuzmiak-Glancy’s research focuses on determining how skeletal and cardiac mitochondrial energy production is exquisitely matched to energy demand and how this coordination is altered during exercise and in disease.


SPH | Room 2134B

(301) 405-2502


Areas of Interest

Core Faculty

Heart and Skeletal Muscle Metabolism; Mitochondrial Function; Exercise Physiology

Postdoctoral Training, National Lung, Blood, 2016

Heart Institute National Institutes of Health 

Postdoctoral Training, Biomedical Engineering, 2012-2016

George Washington University 

PhD, Biology, 2012

Arizona State University 

BS, Exercise Science, 2008

Rutgers University

KNES 360 Exercise Physiology

KNES 464 Exercise Metabolism

KNES 691 Muscular Aspects of Exercise Physiology

Maryland Research Excellence Celebration Honoree, University of Maryland, 2020

Mamie Doud Eisenhower Memorial Award, American Heart Association, 2015

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