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Taylor Lewis

Taylor Lewis

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Dr. Taylor Lewis has broad expertise in the statistics behind modern survey research methods, including sample design, responsive and adaptive survey design, weighting and imputation, replication variance estimation procedures and disclosure avoidance techniques used in the release of survey microdata. He works full-time as a Senior Research Statistician for RTI International. He is also an adjunct professor for the George Mason University Department of Statistics.

Areas of Interest

Adjuncts and Affiliates

Sampling Design and Analysis; Survey Methodology; Weighting and Imputation

PhD, Survey Methodology, 2014

University of Maryland

MS, Survey Methodology, 2009

University of Maryland

BS, Statistics, 2005

Virginia Tech

EPIB660 Analysis of National Health Survey Data

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Lewis, T. (2017). “Univariate Tests for Phase Capacity: Tools for Identifying When to Modify a Survey’s Data Collection Protocol.” Journal of Official Statistics, 33(3), pp. 601 – 624.

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Lewis, T., Goldberg, E., Schenker, N., Beresovsky, V., Schappert, S., Decker, S., Sonnenfeld, N., and Shimizu, I. (2014). “The Relative Impacts of Design Effects and Multiple Imputation on Variance Estimates: A Case Study with the 2008 National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey.” Journal of Official Statistics, 30(1), pp. 147 – 161.