Xin He
Associate Professor, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Director of Graduate Studies
Other Affiliations: UMB Epidemiology and Public Health
Campus: UMD | Building: School of Public Health | Room: 2234H
Phone: (301) 405-2551 |

Dr. He's current research focuses on longitudinal data analysis, time-to-event data analysis, nonparametric and semiparametric methods, as well as applications in epidemiology, environmental health, and biomedical studies.

Active Research Funding:

Biostatistician: RSG-16-022-01 "Integration of Cancer Health Activities into African American Churches" funded by American Cancer Society (PI: Knott, C.L.)

Subcontract Principal Investigator: R01 AI119012 "Lubricant Use and the Vaginal Microbiome" via University of Maryland, Baltimore (Prime Sponsor: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases; PI: Brotman, R.M.)

Subcontract Principal Investigator: R01 AI116799 "Longitudinal Study of the Vaginal Microbiome Prior to Incident STI" via University of Maryland, Baltimore (Prime Sponsor: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases; PI: Brotman, R.M.)

Site Principal Investigator: "The Epidemiology of Concussions in Ivy League/Big Ten Sports: A Web-Based Registry" funded by The Council of Ivy League Presidents and The Big Ten Conference (Co-PI: Klossner, D.)

Editorial Boards:

Associate Editor, Lifetime Data Analysis

Editor-in-Chief, International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA) Bulletin

Education and Training

2003-2007    Ph.D. in Statistics, University of Missouri
2000-2003    B.A. in Economics, Peking University, Beijing, China
1999-2003    B.S. in Statistics, Peking University, Beijing, China


EPIB 650: Biostatistics I
EPIB 651: Applied Regression Analysis
EPIB 653: Applied Survival Data Analysis
EPIB 655: Longitudinal Data Analysis
EPIB 778: Internship in Public Health
EPIB 785: Internship in Public Health
EPIB 786: Capstone Project in Public Health
EPIB 798: Independent Study
EPIB 799: Master's Thesis Research
EPIB 898: Pre-Candidacy Research

Honors and Awards

Eleventh Annual University-Wide Celebration of Scholarship and Research, University of Maryland

ICSA Outstanding Service Award
International Chinese Statistical Association

Summer Research and Scholarship Award (RASA)
Graduate School, University of Maryland

Leda Amick Wilson Mentoring Award
School of Public Health, University of Maryland

Eighth Annual University-Wide Celebration of Scholarship and Research, University of Maryland

Delta Omega Public Health Honor Society

Doris W. Sands Excellent Teaching Award
School of Public Health, University of Maryland

Excellence in Teaching Award
College of Public Health, The Ohio State University

Best Contributed Paper Award
Winemiller 2008 Conference on Survival Analysis and Its Applications, University of Missouri

ENAR Distinguished Student Paper Award
International Biometric Society (Eastern North American Region)

ASA Section on Statistics in Epidemiology Travel Award (Student Paper Award)
American Statistical Association

ICSA Student Award (Student Paper Award)
International Chinese Statistical Association

Outstanding Performance on Doctoral Examinations Award
University of Missouri

G. Ellsworth Huggins Fellowship
Graduate School, University of Missouri


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