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Human Integrative Physiology Laboratory

Expanding Our Understanding of Human Physiology at the Intersection of Sex, Race and Physical Activity

Exercise plan

The Human Integrative Physiology Laboratory is housed within the SPH Department of Kinesiology and serves to expand our understanding of human physiology at the intersection of sex, race and the benefits of physical activity, with a focus on the vascular system (arteries). Ongoing research investigates the influence of inflammation, fitness and hormones on physiological differences within the vascular system between men and women of different racial/ethnic backgrounds. Additionally, in line with our research vision, we plan to address the role of exercise in chronic disease prevention, with emphasis on postmenopausal women.


Department: Kinesiology
Room Number: 2132
Director: Sushant Ranadive

Office Phone Number: (301) 405-4538

  • Lauren Eagan, MPH
  • Emily Blake, MPH
  • Sara Mascone
  • Cynthia Weiner 
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