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Advising: Public Health Science - Shady Grove

Advising and Support for Shady Grove 

Academic advising is an ongoing process that helps students clarify their educational and career goals, and then chart a meaningful plan for achieving those goals. Advising is the joint responsibility of the student and the advisor. The advisor assists students in evaluating their degree progress and helps them select appropriate courses and other educational experiences tailored to their personal goals. Ultimately, students are responsible for making decisions, setting and meeting identified goals and published requirements.

Your role as a student is to proactively explore your academic, career and personal goals. This will require you to: 

  • Seek out advising as needed at the appropriate times
  • Know and understand your academic program requirements, including required courses, prerequisites, and policies
  • Utilize available resources, including Testudo, u.achieve, and others to monitor your academic progress
  • Take full responsibility for actions and decisions that affect academic progress
  • Be respectful at all times to your academic advisors, course instructors, and the general university community

Dr. Jennifer Hodgson

Associate Clinical Professor, Public Health Science
Program Director, Public Health Science at Shady Grove

Careema Yusuf

Academic Advisor, Public Health Science at Shady Grove

In the Public Health Science program at Shady Grove, students are required to meet with a PHSC academic advisor for mandatory advising each semester before they are permitted to register for classes. In your mandatory advising appointment, we will discuss your academic progress, anticipated coursework, any potential blocks or restrictions on your registration, and answer your questions. To schedule your mandatory academic advising appointment please visit TerpEngage. 

We strongly urge students to schedule their mandatory advising appointment well in advance of their registration date. Please note students are NOT guaranteed seats in courses. This means if you wait to schedule your mandatory advising appointment OR do not register for courses on or close to your assigned registration date, a course that you may need to make progress toward graduation may be filled.

To schedule your general academic advising appointment please visit TerpEngage. 

Although academic advising in the Public Health Science program is mandatory each semester, we also encourage students to check in with an advisor regularly to ensure that academic requirements are being met appropriately. Academic advising must be scheduled in advance. We are not able to accommodate walk-in advising, but usually have numerous appointments slots each week to choose from. 

You are always welcome to ask questions via email! When emailing, please use professional and clear language, a clear email subject line, and always include your full name and University of Maryland University ID in all correspondence.

All students are required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. Students whose cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0 are considered to be on academic probation. For the PHSC program at Shady Grove, any students on academic probation are required to meet with the PHSC program director for a specialized academic probation advising appointment. We will then have the opportunity to explore areas that need improvement and a feasible plan for future success.

To schedule your academic probation advising appointment please visit TerpEngage. 

If you are a prospective student and would like to schedule a pre-transfer advising appointment, you can contact Careema Yusuf, Public Health Science at Shady Grove Academic Advisor at

Students are responsible for knowing and understanding university policies. Once a student has matriculated at the University of Maryland, students are expected to complete all remaining course work at UMD. Courses taken at another institution may not be credited toward your degree without approval in advance by the appropriate dean of the college in which you are a major. To request permission to take a course outside of the school, please fill out an Exceptions to Policy Request form.