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The HealthyMe/MiSalud app has 8 features to help users find and use health information.

Search for and save health articles

App users can search or get recommended articles based on their profiles and other users like them. They can save articles in their personal library and build question lists for their doctor.


Record goals, a "health story," and questions

App users can:

  • Search for or get recommended articles that match their goals.
  • Type or audio-record their thoughts as a “health story” 
  • Build a question list for their doctor


Get prevention recommendations that match personal profiles

App users create personal profiles and get articles linked to evidence-based recommendations about preventive behaviors and services. 


Find healthcare services

App users enter their zip code to get locations and contact information of nearby health centers.


Find information about food products and ingredients

App users can scan a food product’s barcode or type a food name and find out if the food is a good fit with their health profile.