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The HealthyMe/MiSalud app has a Recommender System based on a computer algorithm. The algorithm is based on information provided by African American and Hispanic adults through a survey. The app recommends health information just like streaming services or online shopping sites suggest what people might want based on what they have done before and what other people with tastes like theirs have done. The app also uses the ratings that people give the health information.

App users choose how much personal information to enter. The more personal information a user enters, the more the app can personalize the information. Creating an account with personal information and health goals makes it possible to have a personal library where users can save and read health information anytime on the app.

See the examples below.

Example 1: Male user who is a 65-year-old African American with heart disease


Example 2: Female user who is a 32-year-old Hispanic pregnant woman