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Why African American and Hispanic Adults Might be Interested in this App

Reliable and personally relevant health information is important to meet everyday health goals, like eating more fruits and vegetables and getting active to protect against diabetes and heart disease. But it can be stressful to find trustworthy information on the Internet and the information may not be easy to understand or relate to personal health goals.

The HealthyMe/MiSalud app includes information and features that African American and Hispanic adults told the research team are important. The team spent a year working with two small groups, one African American and the other Spanish-speaking Hispanic adults, in Maryland. These groups told the research team what they wanted in an app and recommended app content and features. They tested different versions of the app.

In addition to health information, the app includes a zip-code based healthcare service finder and a nutrition label look-up. Imagine being at grocery store and wanting to know if a food is a good fit for someone with specific dietary needs. For example, the app helps a person with high blood pressure identify if a food is too high in sodium.