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Bachelor of Science, Behavioral and Community Health

The Bachelor of Science in Community Health degree program prepares students to effectively plan, develop, implement and evaluate community health education programs. Students in this program are exposed to material in health behavior, community health research, biostatistics, epidemiology, grant writing, health communication and professional development.

Bachelor of Science, Family Science

The Family Science degree program focuses on the study of families and the challenges they face in contemporary society. Students in the program engage in a curriculum dedicated to individual and family development over the lifespan, examining social, cultural, economic, health, and historical trends that affect family functioning. The program teaches students how to improve the quality of family life through education, applied research, policy analysis, and human services program management. 

Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology

The Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology degree program provides a well-rounded, scholarly understanding of human movement and physical activity. The program addresses historical, cultural, developmental and biophysical bases for participation in movement activities for people of all ages. Students gain an understanding of how human movement works, the factors that directly influence movement and the benefits of an active, movement-oriented lifestyle. Students can pursue specializations in preparation for a specific career goal through the program’s hierarchical approach to the study of human movement, which allows them to select upper-level courses that provide the particular knowledge necessary to pursue whatever goals they have set.

Bachelor of Science, Public Health Science (Shady Grove)

The Public Health Science program based at the Universities at Shady Grove, is a science-based program for third- and fourth-year undergraduate students. The program includes courses from the many departments in the School of Public Health, such as kinesiology, biostatistics, and environmental health. Students are trained to work in the public health field at local, state, national, and international levels. Students either participate in an internship or conduct a research study as part of the program’s curriculum.

Bachelor of Science, Public Health Science (College Park)

Launched in Fall 2014, the Public Health Science program is a four-year program that provides rigorous training in the fundamental sciences underlying public health research and practice.