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Amy A. Morgan

Assistant Professor, Family Science

Dr. Amy Morgan is an Assistant Professor of Couple and Family Therapy in the Department of Family Science. Her research focuses on the health and resilience of families with an incarcerated parent both during incarceration and after, as formerly incarcerated parents navigate family and community reentry. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (VA, MD, WA) and an AAMFT-approved clinical supervisor. Dr. Morgan is also involved in policy work, serving as a statewide legislative policy leader for organizations including AAMFT and the National Council for Behavioral Health.

Twitter: @Dr_AmyMorgan

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Areas of Interest

Core Faculty

Family relationships after separation and reunification experiences, especially through parental incarceration and foster care/adoption; Family Resilience; Mental Health Policy

Ph.D., Human Development and Family Science: Marriage and Family Therapy, 2020

Virginia Tech

M.S., Human Development and Family Science: Marriage and Family Therapy, 2012

University of New Hampshire

B.A., Psychology, 2010

University of New Hampshire

FMSC330 Family Theories and Patterns

FMSC610 Research Methods in Family Science

FMSC651 Treatment of Emotional and Mental Disorders in Family Systems

FMSC658 Supervised Clinical Practice in Couple and Family Therapy

Family Process Institute New Writers Fellowship Award, 2020

Motivo Clinical Supervisor of the Year Award, 2020

Top 20 Most Downloaded Article, 2019; Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, "From private practice to academia: Integrating social and political advocacy into every MFT identity"

Morgan, A. A., Arditti, J. A., Dennison, S., & Frederickson, S. (in press). Against the odds: A structural equation analysis of family resilience processes during paternal incarceration. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

Morgan, A. A., Fullen, M. C., & Wiley, J. (in press). A case of the tail wagging the dog: The Medicare mental health coverage gap and its impact on providers, beneficiaries, and communities.  Submitted to the Journal of Mental Health Counseling Special Issue on Policies and Practice

Landers, A., Danes. S., Morgan, A. A., Merritt, S., & White Hawk, S. (2021). My relatives are waiting: Barriers to tribal enrollment of fostered/adopted American Indians. Journal of Marriage and Family, 83, 1373-1400.

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Morgan, A. A., Thomas, M. E., & Brossoie, N. (2020). Trauma-informed care as a framework for addressing the opioid epidemic in Appalachia: An exploratory integrative phenomenological analysis. Journal of Rural Mental Health, 44, 156-159.

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