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Evelyn King-Marshall

Assistant Research Professor, Behavioral and Community Health

Evelyn King-Marshall serves as Deputy Director of the UMD Prevention Research Center (PRC). Her broader research agenda focuses on health disparities through all stages of the CRC cancer continuum, qualitative methodologies and health-decision making. King-Marshall also serves as director of applications and internship, as well as interim director of online studies. Her expertise includes graduate program administration, recruitment, application, matriculation and internship.

Areas of Interest

Core Faculty

Health Disparities; Colorectal Cancer; Sexual Health

BS, Health Sciences, 2005

University of Florida

MPH, Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2007

University of Florida

PhD, Public Health, 2013

University of Florida

HLTH366 Behavioral and Community Issues in Public Health

SPHL611 Public Health Ethics

HLTH788 Community Health Internship

HLTH785 Internship in Public Health

Jerry P. Wrenn Outstanding Service Award, 2020

Hyams, T., Curbow, B., Christie, J., Mueller, N., King-Marshall, E., Sultan, S., & George Jr, T. J. (2018). Providers’ Perceptions of Barriers to Optimal Communication With Patients During the Postcolonoscopy Experience. Journal of Patient Experience, 2374373518759548.

Curbow, B. A., King-Marshall, E. C., Mueller, N., Sultan, S., & George Jr, T. J. (2018). Social vs. practical problems in attaining a colonoscopy: Different patient profiles?. Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice, 12(1), 11.

King-Marshall, E. C., Mueller, N., Dailey, A., Barnett, T. E., George, T. J., Sultan, S., & Curbow, B. (2016). “It is just another test they want to do”: Patient and caregiver understanding of the colonoscopy procedure. Patient education and counseling, 99(4), 651-658.