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Jinhee Kim

Jinhee Kim

Professor, Family Science


(301) 405-3500


Ph.D., Family Resource Management, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2000

  • Director of Research, National Institute for Personal Finance Employee Education, Virginia Tech.
  • Co-editor, Personal Finances and Worker Productivity, Virginia Tech.
  • Vice President, 2007-present. Persona Finance Employee Education Foundation.
  • Board Member, 2010-present. National Consumer League.
  • Member, 2009-present. National JumpStart Coalition Board.
  • Mid Career Award, 2009. American Council on Consumer Interests.
  • Personal Finance Seminar for Professionals (team leader), 2009. Outstanding Educational Program, Association for Financal Counseling and Planning Education.
  • Outstanding Faculty Woman of Color, 2006. University of Maryland.
  • George F. Kramer Outstanding Practitioner Award, 2005. College of Health and Human Performance, University of Maryland.
  • Personal Finance Seminar for Professionals, 2005. East Region Finalist and National Award Winner, Dean Don Felker Financial Management Award, National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.
  • Outstanding Educational Program (National Initiative Management Team Member), 2005. National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences.

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