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Suzanne Randolph

Suzanne Randolph

Associate Professor Emerita, Family Science

Areas of Interest


PhD, Psychology, 1981

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

MA, Psychology, 1977

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

BS, Psychology, 1974

Howard University, Washington, D.C.

UMCP Outstanding Faculty Woman of Color Award, 1996

Outstanding Research and Development Award, School of Public Health, 1999

Outstanding Teaching Award, College of Human Ecology, 1990

Kellogg National Fellow

National President, Association of Black Psychologists, 1989-90

Johnson, D. J., Jaeger, E., Randolph, S. M., Cauce, A. M., Ward, J., & NICHD Child Care Research Network. (2003). Studying the effects of early child care experiences on the development of children of color in the United States: Toward a more inclusive research agenda. Child Development, 74, 1558-1576.

Whiteside-Mansell, L., Bradley, R. H., Owen, M. T., Randolph, S. M., & Cauce, A. M. (2003). Parenting and children's behavior at 36 months: Equivalence between African American families: A sociocultural perspective. Parenting: Science and Practice, 3, 197-234.

Randolph, S. M., & Koblinsky, S. A. (2002). Infant mental health in African American families: A sociocultural perspective. In G. Bernal, J. E. Trimble, A. K. Burlew, & F. T. Leong (Eds.), Handbook of racial and ethnic minority psychology (pp. 307-326). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Caughy, M. O., Randolph, S. M., & O’Campo, P. (2002). The Africentric Home Environment Inventory: An observational measure of the racial socialization aspects of preschoolers caregiving environment. Journal of Black Psychology, 28, 37-52.

Caughy, M. O., O’Campo, P., Randolph, S. M., &. Nickerson, K. (2002). The influence of racial socialization practices on the cognitive and behavioral competence of African American preschoolers. Child Development, 73, 1611-1625.