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Sylvia L. Quinton

Faculty Researcher, Behavioral and Community Health

Sylvia Quinton's focus areas are substance abuse and HIV prevention intervention development, implementation and evaluation. Her research areas are perceived risk of marijuana use, the inverse relationship of the perceived risk of marijuana use and marijuana use and substance use prevention. The populations she covers include HBCU college students and African-American women, young adults and adolescents. Quinton is also a Certified Research Administrator (CRA).


SPH | Room 1242L

(301) 405-7983

Areas of Interest

Core Faculty

Perceived Risk of Marijuana Use; Youth Substance Use Prevention; HIV/AIDS Prevention; African American Youth and Young Adults; African American Women

JD, Law, 1986

Temple University Beasley School

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Turner, J.O., Rhodes, W.A., Hicks, P.T., and Quinton, S.L. (2008). Hip-Hop to prevent substance use and HIV among African American youth: A preliminary investigation. Journal of Drug Education, 38(4), 351-365.

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D’Silva, J., Boekeloo, B., Seaman, E., and Quinton, S. (2019). Marijuana risk perceptions are associated with past-month use among first-year college students at a historically Black university. Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse. doi.10.1080/15332640.2018.1556776

Quinton, S., Boyle, M, Lankford-Purnell, K., Lankford, G., and Boekeloo, B. (2020). The need for marijuana perceived risk interventions targeting college students at a historically Black college and university. Accepted for publication.