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Center on Aging

The University of Maryland Center on Aging is dedicated to facilitating healthy and productive aging and creating age-friendly communities. Center on Aging researchers aim to improve outcomes for many aging-related health, economic, and social policy issues, including costs and liabilities of private insurance coverage for long-term care, the problems of older women, the needs of elderly people with lifelong disabilities; the accessibility, quality, and efficiency of services to the elderly, and the needs of families providing elder care.

1 in 5 over 65
By 2030, 20% of Americans will be over age 65.

Featured Projects

Health Policy and Services Research among Older Adults

We examine the impacts of health policies and social determinants of health on health expenditure, quality of care, and health outcomes among older adults, particularly those with ADRD, cancer, and behavioral health issues.

Healthy Aging and Longevity

We explore the effect of early-life environments and public health programs on adult mortality and longevity, leveraging surveys and unique datasets tracking millions of Americans from birth to death.

Legacy Leadership Institute on Public Policy

The Legacy Leadership Institute on Public Policy, based in the University of Maryland School of Public Health, is designed to provide residents aged 50+ with new careers as Legacy Service Leaders during retirement.

Center on Aging News


$3.2M Grant Funds Study of How Health Technology Could Boost Alzheimer’s, Dementia Care


NIH-Funded Study Probes Effect of Drinking on Older Adults’ Cardiac Function


NIH Grant to Fund Study of Medicare’s Effect on Americans’ Longevity

Gerontology Certificate


The multi-disciplinary Graduate Gerontology Certificate Program (GGCP) is a Board of Regents approved program that addresses the national need to educate professionals to work with the growing population of baby boomers and older persons.  The GGCP offers students an individually tailored curriculum of coursework, supervised internships, and research. LEARN MORE.