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Social Action Award 

This merit-based award, given each spring while funds permit, will recognize one Public Health student or a team of students who demonstrate excellence in social action through a planned event, campaign, or project designed to improve the well-being of traditionally marginalized groups. 

The amount of the award will be $1,500.The social action activity can be undertaken on a for-credit or not-for-credit basis. Recipients will be recognized at the School of Public Health’s Convocation Ceremony in May. Recipient(s) will be expected to provide a written thank you letter to the Curbow-Carlberg Family and attend the School of Public Health Annual Convocation.

Applicant Requirements:

  • Must be a current undergraduate School of Public Health major.  Priority is given to students with SPH as a primary major.
  • Must have completed at least one semester at the University of Maryland in the School of Public Health.
  • Students must not be in their final semester at the University of Maryland in the School of Public Health.

Applicants must supply the following to be considered:

  • Detailed proposal of the planned for social action event, campaign, or project that including and address the following:
    • A detailed description of the planned social action event, campaign, or project
    • Background information and details about the target population this project, campaign or event will address
    • Intended impact to improve the well-being of the target population
    • Duration and/or timeline of  event, campaign, or project
    • Itemized budget that should be as specific as possible, including units/quantities of items when applicable
    • Plan for evaluation event, campaign or project
  • Resume(s)
  • Letter of support (i.e. from a professor, employer, mentor, or another professional reference)

Note: If a group is seeking the award, those taking the lead on the initiative must meet the criteria, but others who are assisting with the initiative can be of any standing.

Application cycle is currently closed and will reopen in February 2023
Complete the Student Action Social Award application.