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UTEAM: Undergraduate Teaching & Education Assistants and Mentors

What is the UTEAM Program?

The Undergraduate Teaching & Education Assistants and Mentors (UTEAM) Program facilitates peer educational support in the School of Public Health through coursework and hands-on experiences. Working closely with faculty and graduate assistants, UTEAM members are an asset to the SPH learning community. This program is open to undergraduate students in the School of Public Health at the College Park Campus.

The UTEAM Program is a combination of experiences designed to provide:

  1. Foundational knowledge to successfully support peer education

    SPHL-333 is a one-credit course designed to teach foundational skills for guided peer learning. This is a closed-course and requires UTEAM Program approval to enroll. 

    The course has three essential objectives:
    • Understanding the learning process
    • Applying knowledge to support peer education   
    • Developing personal and professional skills 
  2. In-class, hands-on experiences within your major

    SPHL-399 is a self-study course facilitated by SPH faculty.  This course is a closed course and requires approval to enroll. 

    UTEAM members will have varying roles and responsibilities based on the needs of the courses they support including: 
    • Facilitating in-class discussions 
    • Facilitating discussion and review sessions 
    • Holding office hours

Application Process for UTEAM

See a step by step checklist for the application process.

  1. Discuss course support options with a course faculty member. UTEAM members are required to have completed the course they wish to support with a passing grade and a strong understanding of the subject matter.
  2. Submit an online application using the link below for approval.
  3. Once approved, complete the contract template including both UTEAM member and faculty member signatures. All requirements must be detailed including tasks, time requirements, and assessment scale. 

 All UTEAM applications are pending final grades for the current semester. 


UTEAM Members are selected for the program based on faculty approval. We recommend that students discuss UTEAM options with faculty 6 weeks prior to the end of the semester for next semester's opportunities. We advise faculty to choose UTEAM members who:

  1. Have demonstrated mastery in the course.
  2. Are in overall good academic standing
  3. Have demonstrated the skills needed to support peer learning

Once a UTEAM member and faculty have agreed to participate in the UTEAM Program, the course faculty will email to have the course connected to the UTEAM Program.


Have the following information ready when starting the application:

  • Name, ID and General Academic Information
  • Course Name, Number and Course Faculty
  • A completed contract signed by both UTEAM applicant and Course Faculty
  • A short statement describing why you have decided to participate in the UTEAM Program

The application will be processed and the block removed within 48 hours of faculty approval of the application.

Faculty Information

To add a course to the UTEAM List of Available Courses please send the following to

  • Faculty name and SPH Department
  • Course name and number
  • The number of UTEAM students you are accepting
  • The day and time the course is offered and if you will require the students to attend class regularly.